Aquariums in Germany

Aquariums in Germany

Aquariums are a popular tourist attraction in Germany, with many visitors enjoying the opportunity to get up close and personal with a variety of fish and other aquatic creatures. But what many people don't know is that there's more to Germany aquariums than just fish tanks. In fact, some of the most iconic and interesting aquariums in the country are home to a wide range of animals, from penguins to piranhas. From the world-famous Berlin Aquarium to the Sea Life Centre in Frankfurt, there are plenty of Aquariums In Germany for aquarium enthusiasts. And if you're not into fish, don't worry - there are also many other types of animals on display, including reptiles, amphibians, and even sharks!

Meereszentrum Fehmarn
  • There are over 200 different species of fish and animals at Meereszentrum Fehmarn, including sharks, turtles, rays, eels, seahorses, and more.
  • One of the most popular exhibits at Meereszentrum Fehmarn is the “Predator Pool” which features sharks, barracuda, and other large predators.
  • Another popular exhibit is the “Tropical Reef” which houses over 100 different types of corals and fish.

Location: Gertrudenthaler Str. 12, 23769 Fehmarn, GermanyTimings: Open every day from 9:30 am to 6 pm.

OZEANEUM Stralsund GmbH
  • With a floor space of 10,000 m², OZEANEUM is one of the largest Aquariums In Germany.
  • In 32 huge exhibition tanks, which hold a total of 2 million litres of water, you can observe around 4,000 animals from 650 species in their natural habitats.
  • The exhibitions take you on an incredible journey from the North and Baltic Seas to the warm tropical waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Location: Hafenstraße 11, 18439 Stralsund, GermanyTimings: Open every day from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (last admission 5:00 pm).

Sylt Aquarium
  • This amazing Aquarium In Germany is home to a wide variety of sea creatures, from sharks and rays to seahorses and jellyfish.
  • You can even visit the facility's turtle hospital!
  • Visitors can also see species such as the lanternfish, which is named for the light that emits from its body; the anglerfish, which uses a luminescent lure to attract prey; and the viperfish, which has long, sharp teeth that can grow up to three times the length of its body.

Location: Gaadt 33, 25980 Sylt, GermanyTimings: It is open all year round from 9:30am to 5:30pm.

AquaDom & SEA LIFE Berlin
  • This world-class Germany Aquarium is home to over 5,000 sea creatures, making it one of the largest aquariums in Europe.
  • It also offers an incredible variety of sea life, with over 250 different species on display.
  • From sharks and stingrays to seahorses and clownfish, there's something for everyone at this aquatic wonderland.
  • With its clear glass walls and underwater viewing tunnel, the AquaDom offers visitors a unique and up-close look at the amazing sea life within.

Location: Spandauer Str. 3, 10178 Berlin, GermanyTimings: Open every day from 9:30 am to 6 pm.

  • With over 5,000 animals in 35 tanks, the aquarium offers a fascinating insight into the underwater world.
  • The highlight of this aquarium In Germany is a 110-m long glass tunnel, through which visitors can watch sharks and rays swimming overhead.
  • In addition to the main display, there are also several interactive exhibits where visitors can touch starfish and stingrays, and learn about the importance of marine conservation.

Location: Theresienhöhe 15, 80339 Munich, GermanyTimings: 10am to 6pm (last entry 5pm)

Aquarium Berlin
  • With over 8,000 animals from more than 700 species, the Aquarium Berlin is one of the largest and most diverse aquariums in the world.
  • This aquarium has a shark tank with about 260,000 litres of water; and also walk-in tropical hall with crocodiles
  • This Germany Aquarium is home to a world-class research facility where scientists study everything from the impact of climate change on aquatic ecosystems to the behaviour of sharks.
  • In addition to its research work, the Aquarium Berlin also offers educational programs for both children and adults.

Location: Budapester Str. 32, 10787 Berlin, GermanyTimings: Open every day from 9am to 7pm (last entry 6pm)

SEA LIFE Hannover
  • The SEA LIFE Hannover aquarium is home to over 2,500 marine animals from more than 150 species.
  • Visitors can explore 12 themed zones including a tropical reef, a shipwreck, an Amazonian rainforest and an underwater panorama.
  • You can explore their magnificent underwater world through the glass tunnel and get closer than ever before to some of the most popular animals in the aquarium.

Location: Herrenhäuser Str. 4a, 30419 Hannover, GermanyTimings: 10 am to 6 pm everyday

Theme Park Marine Aquarium GmbH
  • This unique aquarium is located in a former lido (public bath house) dating back to 1909, and has been transformed into a one-of-a-kind marine park.
  • One of the main attractions at the Theme Park Marine Aquarium GmbH is the variety of unique fish species that are on display.
  • You'll find everything from seahorses and jellyfish to stingrays and sharks.
  • And if you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the elusive clownfish!

Location: Beethovenstraße 16, 98544 Zella-Mehlis, GermanyTimings: 9am to 6pm everyday

Aquarium Wilhelmshaven incl. Prehistoric Sea Museum
  • This Germany Aquarium is home to a wide variety of animals from the North and Baltic Seas.
  • One of the highlights of the facility is the predator basin with its sharks, ray-finned fish and moray eels.
  • Another highlight is the large coral reef aquarium where visitors can marvel at over 500 different species of corals and fish.

Location: Südstrand 123, 26382 Wilhelmshaven, GermanyTimings: In the summer months, the aquarium is open from 9:00am to 6:00pm, and in the winter months it is open from 10:00am to 5:00pm.

SEA LIFE Königswinter
  • SEA LIFE Königswinter is home to over 2,500 resident and guest sea creatures from across the globe.
  • With impressive displays, hands-on experiences and educational talks and feeds throughout the day, there’s plenty to see and do for all ages!
  • Explore the water's path to learn everything there is to know about rays, turtles, and crabs.
  • View sea anemones and starfish up close in the interactive rockpool.

Location: Rheinallee 8, 53639 Königswinter, GermanyTimings: 10am to 5pm everyday

FAQs For Aquariums in Germany

Which are the various exhibits at OZEANEUM Stralsund GmbH?

The exhibition is divided into four main areas: the Baltic Sea, the North and South Pacific, as well as the Red Sea

What is the best time to visit Germany?

The best time to visit Germany is from May through September, when the weather is pleasantly warm, with temperatures generally in the low to mid-20s.

What is the biggest aquarium in Germany?

The Munich Sea Life Centre is Germany's biggest aquarium. Visitors can plunge into the ocean depths in the tank, which can store more than 400,000 litres of water and is home to vibrant fish and even impressive tropical sharks.

Which are the best aquariums in Germany to visit with kids?

  • Berlin Zoo Aquarium
  • Sealife Munich
  • Ozeaneum Stralsund
  • AquaDom & SEA LIFE Berlin
  • Hannover Sea Life Centre

Which are the best Sea Life centres in Germany?

  • The Sea Life Centre in Berlin
  • The AquaDom in Frankfurt
  • The Mystic Mountains Waterpark in Duisburg

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