Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

About Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is home to some of the most adorable marine creatures making it a popular attraction within the country. Enjoy the company of over 20,000 aquatic animals as you explore the longest underwater tunnel of North America. The place is divided into 10 amazing galleries offering different experiences to different visitors where you can interact, adore, and feed your favorite marine species.

Ranging from wiggly jellyfish to vibrant rainbow reefs, all can be seen through one single Ripley's Aquarium of Canada tickets. You will be able to admire the classic collection of Jellyfishes which is known to be one of the biggest in the world. Observe the magnificent sharks through HD VR experience providing intense knowledge about these misunderstood creatures. With Ripley's Aquarium of Canada tickets price you can also indulge in various interactive activities available inside the aquarium. From feeding to experiencing the amazing touch of these adorable creatures, Ripley's Aquarium of Canada is one of the best places to enjoy a family day out with kids.

If you are fond of observing marine life from a closer proximity then dive right into it. The aquarium offers daily dive shows where you can witness animals like rays and colorful coral reefs present around the world.

Why To Book Ripley's Aquarium Tickets?

Ripley's Aquarium of Canada tickets can be purchased from the aquarium as well as online. But we recommend all to buy Ripley's Aquarium of Canada tickets online, as you get various discounts and deals on the Ripley's Aquarium of Canada tickets price making it more budget friendly. You can save time by skipping the line at the counter and book the ticket from the comfort of your home.


  • Ripley's Aquarium of Canada is one of the most popular attractions in the country, which is home to around 20,000 adorable marine animals.
  • Observe these beautiful creatures through the longest underwater tunnel in the whole North America.
  • Walk through 10 different galleries showcasing numerous species of animals, from stingrays to predator sharks.
  • The place is also famous for showcasing the world's most extensive jellyfish exhibition.
  • Enjoy various interactive activities such as diving shows, and animal encounters as you explore the place.
  • For all your curious questions, the place also has Aquarist talks where you can get all the information about these adorable creatures.

Galleries of Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Canadian Water

Canadian waters is a serene gallery where you will find amazing waterlife that will interest you and your kids as well. Fisheries, freshwater wilderness and kelp forest from different coasts can be seen here. This gallery holds the biodiversity of the Great Lakes, which is known for providing 20 percent of the freshwater in the world, making it an essential part of Canada’s freshwater habitat. Species that are featured in this gallery include Giant Pacific Octopus, COD, American Lobster, Wolf eel, Paddlefish, and Sturgeon. Along with adorable fauna the gallery also exhibits vibrant flora which is divided into 17 different exhibitions within the Canadian Water gallery.

Rainbow Reef

Rainbow reef is the most biodiverse section of the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, where you will be able to see some of the most unique and rare flora and fauna of the ocean. With over 200,000 liters of water, this gallery recreates an inviting and warm atmosphere of the Ino-Pacific ocean. With different organisms and rich coral life, this place is also known as the rainforest of the sea, which can be easily accessed by your Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada tickets. With featured animals such as Picasso Triggerfish, Harlequin Tuskfish, Lunare Wrasse, Batfish, Unicorn Stungfish, and Sailfin Tang this reef showcases various micro-habitats that lead to specialist lifestyles.

Dangerous Lagoon

With your Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada tickets, walk through the longest moving underwater tunnel in North America, as you admire the predators of the sea world. Try to spot different species such as Green Sawfish, Sand Tiger Shark, Green Moray Eel, and rare Green Sea Turtles. The gallery is home to various invertebrates which makes this section more interesting and beautiful. If you wish to get a closer look at some of the species, then you can indulge in the Discovery Dive program, inside the largest exhibition of the aquarium. Here you will get a 30-minutes guided diving tour with their sharks which is included in the Ripley's Aquarium of Canada ticket price.

Discovery Center

Get your Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada tickets, and explore the most interactive gallery of the aquarium. The main attraction of the place is the underwater submarine ride, which offers a ride deep into the ocean offering a glimpse into the underwater world. Along with this there are two ‘pop-up’ cylindrical exhibits which are unique and interactive. A special view of the Dangerous Lagoon Gallery is also a part of this amazing ‘pop-up’ cylindrical exhibit, which makes it more popular among visitors. There are four major species which can be seen here, including Clownfish, Blacktip Reef Sharks, Zebra Shark, and Wobbegong.

The Gallery

The Gallery is one of the most mysterious and interesting exhibits in the aquarium, as you will need to take a closer look to find the master of camouflage underwater species. Being observant inside this amazing exhibit is the key to fully immerse yourself in the world of oceans. You can see a total of nine exhibits here,divided into two categories, saltwater and freshwater species. Among these nine the most famous one is the ‘Living Coral’ exhibit, which is the only onsite grown corals in the aquarium, making it more exciting to watch and learn about the amazing species of the coral reef including, Seahorses, Electric Eel, Piranhas, Lionfish, and Mudskippers.

Ray Bay

Get your Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada tickets, and meet the graceful Rays at the bay of the gallery. This gallery is one of the most popular attractions in the aquarium where you can spot four different species of rays and one magnificent shark. With the wide and clean glass window, witness these adorable creatures fly through the water path with their huge wings liks arms. Visitors can also admire these creatures from up-close, at the Shoreline Gallery, located inside The Gallery, where you can touch and feed these animals. This experience is included in your Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada ticket price, making it more popular among curious visitors.

Planet Jellies

Jellies are one of the most mysterious creatures of the ocean and Planet Jellies holds the largest kreisel tanks in the entire world. Looking like umbrellas jellyfish can be larger than humans or small as tiny tacks you will find all types of jellies here. With your Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada tickets, you can witness these mesmerizing creatures from different angles. As you walk around the gallery and look at the ceiling you will be able to see their tentacles floating upwards as well, making you question the gravity itself. You will also find a Life Cycle exhibition which will take you through all the stages of the moon jellies.

Life Support System

This gallery will take you through the process of how the aquariums maintain a dreamy underwater world that is suitable for different species. Keeping the necessities of various habitats in mind an amount of 5 million liters of water is recycled and divided into all 10 galleries of the aquarium. The aquarium sits on one of the largest lakes in the world, Lake Ontario, and none of the impurities are released in this lake. You will see how with the help of chemicals and different minerals the water is made suitable for all the creatures, with 95% of the water being recycled everyday.


This is one of the newest editions in the exhibitions of the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, where you will be able to learn about the mysterious theories behind all the famous naval disasters that happened within history. Canada’s popular disaster of Edmund Fitzgerald is the main attraction here, where you will discover the truth through original footage of the incident. Along with this you will also be able to see the unique and rare aquatic species such as Giant isopods, Big fin reef squid, and Parrotfish which surrounds such wreckages in the underwater world. Greenside, Rainbow, or Johnny darters are some of the small fishes which are originally found in Lake Ontario, can also be seen here.

Things to do in Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Dive Shows

Experience the amazing diving show with your Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada tickets, where you get to encounter adorable marine creatures up close. This activity is available in the Ray Bay Gallery of the aquarium, where you can witness four species of rays and one shark roaming peacefully around. You will be able to witness the colorful coral reefs and small fishes swimming around the place. There are a total of two shows per day, one during 11am and second in the afternoon around 2pm.

Aquarist Talk

Aquarist Talk is one of the most popular things to include in your Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada tickets, where you will be able to learn more about the various species present in the underwater world of the aquarium. Here the expert and husbandry staff of the aquarium will interact with you and let you ask any questions related to the sealife. This informative session sometimes also includes live feeding sessions in various galleries such as Canadian Waters and The Gallery.

Virtual Experience

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada offers an exclusive VR experience to all the customers, where you will be able to learn more about these species from a safe distance. Here the educators show a lot of behind the scenes footage, making it a rather interesting thing to experience. There are Virtual Tours, Field Trips, and even a Live Webcam option for all the aquatic enthusiasts. These footage are also delivered to your home, where you can relive the memories of your aquarium visit with these adorable creatures.

Know Before You Book Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada Tickets

Essential Information
How to Reach

Location: 288 Bremner Blvd, Toronto, ON M5V 3L9, CanadaTimings: 9am to 11pm

Best Time to VisitThe best time to visit Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is during the non-peak hours of the aquarium, which is 3pm - 5pm during weekdays and 5pm - 9pm during weekends. During this time the place is less crowded and offers more space and peace to explore the beautiful marine life.

By Subway: Take the TTC Subway to Union Station or St. Andrews Station, which are the two nearest subway stops from the aquarium. Walk for about 10 mins from any of the two stations and you will reach your destination.

By Streetcar: There are three stop points divided according to the directions from where the visitor is arriving. If you are arriving from the south through King Street route, get off at John Street, from north take the LRT (Light Rail Transit) line get down at Rees Street, and from east take Spadina Avenue route and get down at Bremner Boulevard.

By Car: Take 401 highway and exit through Spadina and turn right to Bremner Boulevard, from where the place is just 5 mins walking distance.

  • Get a 60- minute arrival window with your Ripley's Aquarium of Canada tickets.
  • Choose a time slot according to your convenient time with the online timed tickets.
  • Explore and observe 10 galleries offering around 20,000 different marine species, offering interactive activities.
  • Indulge in diving and informative talks with the experts of the Ripley's Aquarium of Canada.
  • Book your Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada tickets in advance to grab the perfect slot for your visit.
  • Go during the non-peak hours to avoid crowds and get more space and quiet to explore the place.
  • Because the animals are sensitive in nature, please avoid flash photography.
  • Come at least 15 minutes before the entry slot to go through all the security checks.
  • No food and beverages are allowed inside the aquarium, so be sure you are fully fed before entering the aquarium.
  • Please note that re-entering the aquarium is not allowed, so take all your required items with you.
  • The aquarium is wheelchair accessible, offering smooth access to all the galleries inside the place.
  • Sensory guides are available here, so all can experience the serene beauty of the aquarium in their own ways.
  • The place is also a designated Autism Certified center, so people around the world can experience the underwater world at their own pace.

FAQs For Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

What are the peak hours of the Ripley's Aquarium?

On weekdays the peak hour of the place is 11am-2pm, and during weekends 11am – 4pm. It is recommended to buy your Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada tickets for non-peak hours so that you can enjoy more space and silence during your visit.

How long does it take to explore the whole Ripley's Aquarium?

It takes around 2-2.5 hours to explore the whole Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, offering 10 amazing galleries filled with various marine species from around the world.

Do visitors need to take a printed Ripley's Aquarium of Canada ticket to the aquarium?

No, it is not necessary to bring a printed form of your Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada tickets, just show the e-ticket with the barcode.

Is it possible to book Ripley's Aquarium of Canada tickets online?

Yes, you can book your Ripley's Aquarium of Canada tickets online with ease through our website. With online booking you will be able to save time and money both. Get the best deals by booking from our website and book tickets at your convenience.

Is re-entry or any in-and-out facility available at the Ripley's Aquarium?

No, re-entry is not allowed in Ripley's Aquarium, so leave the place with caution. Once you get out for any reason the place will not take you back.

Are food and beverages offered at the Ripley's Aquarium?

Yes, there is a small Cafe inside the Ripley’s Aquarium which offers delicious snacks and beverages. The place is open from 12pm to 7pm.


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