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If you wish to have a memorable underwater excursion and soak up some knowledge about your fish-tailed friends, you must visit Sea Life Speyer with your Sea Life Speyer tickets. You can find here over thirty-five hundred marine animals from one hundred and eighty species in 320,000 liters of water. It has ten different themed zones that take you from the Mediterranean sea to the tropical ocean which you can explore using your tickets.

The aquarium features popup tanks and interactive exploration stations where kids can study the starfish and many other marine creatures from all angles. Walk through the tropical tunnel and wonder in amazement at the sharks and huge manta rays gliding above your head. Step inside the shipwreck zone to know about the role of shipwrecks in housing reefs and corals. You can also feed a variety of marine creatures, including rays, sharks, and catfish.

The aquarium also facilitates behind-the-scenes tours, interactive programs, and close encounters with aquatic creatures to promote deep learning about oceanic life. Special events like a fish inventory and the summer pirate are organized throughout the year to keep the visitors entertained. You can book Sea Life Speyer tickets online to get best offers and deals on your bookings.

Book Sea Life Speyer Tickets Online

Book the Sea Life Speyer tickets now and get a chance to meet some of the most fascinating underwater inhabitants, like sea sharks, starfish, turtles, stingrays, and sharks. Head to the World of the Corals and stay in awe of the spellbinding beauty of a magnificent reef that is continuously changing and growing.

Sea Life Speyer tickets also give you access to walk through an underwater glass tunnel where you can see the beautiful marine creatures swimming overhead you. Discover the hidden secrets of the rainforest stream at the theme world "Amazonas" and meet Marty, a rescued sea turtle in the tropical ocean.

Why to Book Sea Life Speyer Tickets Online?

- Skip the Line Tickets:Book Sea Life Speyer Tickets online to skip the long queue at the ticket counter and get access to the attraction easily. By booking the Sea Life Speyer tickets online, you can have a hassle-free tour of the attraction without worrying about the headache of collecting physical passes. You just need to show a copy of your ticket at the ticket counter, and you'll get direct entry to the attraction. - Discount:Another advantage of booking Sea Life Speyer Tickets online is that you can avail special offers and lucrative discounts. You can check out our website, as we're running crazy deals from time to time that will help you save a lot on your ticket prices making your trip budget-friendly.- Early Access:By booking Sea Life Speyer Tickets online, you get early access to the attraction, meaning you can proceed to the attraction without the hassle of standing in long lines. On the day of your visit, walk past the ticket counter line, show a copy of your ticket on your mobile, and walk in.

Explore Areas at Sea Life Speyer

Mountain steam

The Mountain Stream exhibit replicates the upland mountain stream habitat and is one of the best places to experience the diverse beauty of the aquatic treasures. You can meet here Rudds, schooling fish who like to live in slowly flowing or stagnant water and weigh up to 300g to 3 kilos.

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Lake constance

Lake Constance area gives you a glimpse of everything that lies within the unique landscape of Lake Constance. You can see here beautifully displayed animal specimens of the different habitats around the lake. Get up close and personal with native fish and other marine creatures like sunfish and common nase.

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Loreley Rock

Meander through the Loreley Rock area and discover some of the most beautiful sea creatures hiding in the tiniest crannies and nooks. Get a chance to meet European eels that have a good sense of smell and are active at night. You can also spot common carps, which are the oldest inhabitants of the aquarium.

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Port Area

Journey beneath the surface of the iconic Port Area and encounter graceful marine beauties showing their swimming prowess. Gaze at the spiny lobsters that have long antennae over their eyes to scare off predators. You can also meet crabs that are native to the harbor area and vary in size.

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North Sea

The North Sea zone takes you on an exciting underwater adventure of the North Sea and gives you a chance to meet the cute predators and giants of the sea. Come face to face with cat sharks that are known for their large eyes and elongated pupils. You can also spot skates hiding on the muddy, sandy bottom of the pool.

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Dive into the fascinating world of sunken ships and find out which marine species are lurking behind them. Meet the Atlantic wolffish, the playful octopuses, and many other fascinating sea creatures. You can also click beautiful pictures with these sea beauties and learn about their eating habits and behavior patterns from the staff.

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Tropical Tunnel

Walk through the tropical tunnel and marvel at the colorful fish, fearsome sharks, pretty sea lions, and peaceful rays swimming all around you. Since the tunnel is a full 180 degrees, you'll be able to see the aquatic creatures overhead, on the sides, and at ground level!

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Panorama window

The panorama window gives you a glimpse of what breeds, lives, and thrives in the ocean waters. See the amazing sea dwellers like blacktip reef sharks, zebra bullhead sharks, and green sea turtles. You can even click pictures with these amazing sea creatures and flaunt them on your social media.

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Highlights For Sea Life Speyer

  • Sea Life Speyer is a marine wonderland with more than thirty-five hundred marine species and interactive exhibits.
  • It is a highly interactive aquarium with touch pools, surprise crawl spaces, and tunnels that give you a glimpse of marine life.
  • Explore the underground viewing galleries and be astounded by the ocean water tanks that are populated by thousands of marine species.
  • Walk through the eight-meter-long tropical tunnel and see fearsome sharks and cute rays swimming overhead you.
  • It has various themed zones like a shipwreck, North Sea, Port Area, and Lake Constance that take on a journey to the different marine environments of the world.

Know Before You Book Sea Life Speyer

- Timings: 10 am- 5 pm (Monday to Sunday)

- Location: Im Hafenbecken 5 67346 Speyer

- How to Reach:

- By Shuttle Bus: Take the city shuttle bus from Speyer station to the stop "Festplatz." Get down at Festplatz station and follow the pedestrian signs that will take you to the Dome garden. From Dome Garden, you'll have to walk for around ten minutes to reach Sea Life Speyer.- By Car: If you're coming by car, drive towards the motorway junction Speyer and take a turn at B9 in the Speyer direction. Take the exit at Speyer Centre and park your car at the designated parking area. Follow the brown signs that will take you to the SEA LIFE.

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FAQs For Sea Life Speyer Tickets

What would be the price of Sea Life Speyer Tickets?

Sea Life Speyer Tickets will cost around 17.50€ to 19 € per adult. Sea Life Speyer's basic annual pass will cost you around 29.50€ to 30 €, and it will give you 12 months of admission to the aquarium.

Are any discounts available on Sea Life Speyer Tickets?

You can visit our website to check out if any discounts are currently running on Sea Life Speyer Tickets. We offer lucrative discounts from time to time so keep an eye out for the best offers.

Why is Sea Life Speyer so famous?

Sea Life Speyer is one of the best aquariums in Germany, known for its stunning marine life, interesting exhibits, and themed zones. It houses more than thirty-five hundred marine species and has an eight-meter-long tropical tunnel that takes on an underwater adventure of a lifetime.

What to wear at Sea Life Speyer?

Wear comfortable shoes or flip-flops as you will have to walk a lot around the museum. Wear casual clothes like a loose-fitting t-shirt and jeans or cargo pants.During winter you can wear a sweater or a cardigan and a cool baseball cap.

Is a Wheelchair accessible at Sea Life Speyer?

Yes, Sea Life Speyer is wheelchair accessible, but there is no provision for renting a wheelchair at the facility. You'll have to bring your own wheelchair to the attraction. Besides, the attraction is barrier-free and has two lifts making all levels accessible.


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