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About Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium is undoubtedly one of the most majestic and spectacular places to explore life in the marine realm. It has more than 35,000 marine species, both rare one and commonly found ones. With Monterey Bay Aquarium tickets, you can delve into the curious deep-sea life, and explore the bizarre creatures that dwell there. There are a number of other habitats like the coastal wetlands and open sea, where hundreds of fish and bird species reside. From cute playful otters and penguins to glowing jellyfish, you can find it all. A talk with the trained and professional staff can help you acquaint yourself with the creatures and their habitats.

Marvel at ‘Into the Deep’ exhibition, as you come across beautiful kinds of jellyfish, giant isopods, crabs and lumpfish. In the open sea habitat, take delight in watching through the window tuna and sardines swimming around in huge schools, or the turtles lazing around. Rejoice as you watch a vibrant ecosystem created by the underwater kelp forests, with colourful fish swimming around. At the aviary, watch the long-legged colourful stilts, curlews phaloreps live in an amazing ecosystem. With Monterey Bay Aquarium tickets, visit the Sea Otters habitat and enjoy as they indulge in their everyday antics.

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Purchase Monterey Bay Aquarium tickets to get a chance to delve into the deep-sea marine ecosystem of the world and explore its myriad fascinating creatures. There are a number of exhibits which you can see such as the Sea Otters, Into the Deep, Aviary, Rocky Shore and the Kelp Forest that are simply amazing. Get to look at some of the most beautiful marine species like the jellyfish, lumpfish, corals, kelp forests, sharks and so on. You must definitely visit the Sea otter exhibit where the tiny and cute creatures perform a number of antics to entertain you.

It is highly recommended to book your Monterey Bay Aquarium tickets online with us to get numerous perks and advantages. You not only get amazing tour combos and packages, but also get them at the lowest prices possible coupled with incredible discounts. Also, booking the tickets online in advance gives you the benefit of reserving your slot on your chosen date and time that saves a lot of time and last minute disappointments.

Exhibits At Monterey Bay Aquarium

Into the Deep

With Monterey Bay Aquarium tickets, dive into the deeper regions of the ocean, where everything is dark and cold, and where strange creatures dwell. You’ll come across a number of aquatic species like jellyfish, isopods, corals, armorheads, tunicates and so on in this abyss. Also get to see the crustaceans like giant isopods and long-legged crabs roaming about on the sea bed.

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Splash zone and Penguins

The Splash Zone is one of the best family-friendly places to visit in the aquarium where you’ll come across a number of exotic fish like Swell Sharks, clownfish, puffball fish, Hermit Crabs and so on. Also visit the rocky shore and spot the amazing penguin colony roaring about in groups.

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Sandy Shore and Aviary

The aviary houses a number of birds and is located close to the adjacent waters, giving amazing views in the background. With Monterey Bay Aquarium tickets, marvel at the site of long-billed curlews, red-necked phalaropes, black-nedked stilts. Also find a number of bat rays, sea hares, sand crabs and guitar fish in its waters.

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Sea Otters

Your visit to the aquarium remains incomplete without witnessing the amazing antics and tricks done by the sea otters in one of the popular exhibitions on the first and second floors. Watch these cute playful creatures roll and tumble or laze around in the Sea Otters exhibit with Monterey Bay Aquarium tickets.

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Rocky Shore

One of the most amazing and rugged habitats in the aquarium, life at the rocky shores can be extremely difficult for the animals. It is an intertidal location with amazing rocky formations, where you’ll find a number of creatures like sea lions, seagulls, rockfish, barnacles, sea urchins and so on.

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Open Sea

The exhibition of Open Sea is an amazing natural habitat in the aquarium, and its sight is simply amazing. Marvel as you watch huge schools of tunas and sardines swim around with grandeur. Witness the happy animals like Pelagic Stingray, hammerhead sharks and tufted puffins and so on.

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Monterey Bay Habitats

Get to explore the original Monterey Bay where you’ll find amazing fish and other marine creatures sailing among its vibrant and colourful coral reefs. Come across a number of shark species like the Pacific Angel Shark, Leopard Shark and Broadnose Sevengill Shark. Other spectacular creatures that you can see in this exhibition include bat rays, puffball sponges, rocky fish and the giant sea Bass.

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Life on the Bay

The Monterey Aquarium is a part of the National Marine Sanctuary, and is located at the edge of the Monterey Bay. Arrive at the popular sightseeing deck from where you '’’ll get splendid views of the bay. A number of marine creatures and birds are part of the place, and you’ll find blue whales, white sided dolphins and California sea lions as well.

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Kelp Forest

The Monterey Aquarium was one of the first ones to create a kelp forest ecosystem in its exhibitions. With Monterey Bay Aquarium tickets, arrive at the kelp forest glass window and find creatures like wolf-eels, rock fish and sardine and sharks swim and roam about the kelp forest.

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Giant Pacific Octopus

Visit the Giant Pacific Octopus exhibit, one of the popular exhibits of Bay Aquarium to meet this stunning creature, known for its intelligence and agility in the marine world. It is known for its ability to disguise and remain hidden, and as such you will have to look carefully to find it.

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Know Before You Book Monterey Bay Aquarium ticket

Essential Information
Types of Marine Specie

Location - 886 Cannery Row, Monter, CA 9390Timings - 10 am to 5 pm Best time to visitThe best time to visit Monterey Bay Aquarium is during the weekdays, however, if you are visiting the aquarium on the weekends, try to visit in the morning time as soon as the gate opens. Also try to book your Monterey Bay Aquarium tickets during the falls or winters when there is a sparse population in the attraction.

  • How to ReachBy Air : The closest airport to Monterey Bay Aquarium is the Monterey Airport, located around 3.6 miles away from it. By Bus : A number of public and private buses pass by the aquarium. Take the public bus numbers of 21 and 53 and drop off at Maude & Clyde (E) which is at 7 min walking distance from the attraction. By Light Rail: Use the orange line of light rail to reach the nearest station, Bayshore NASA Station which is 29 min walking distance from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
  • The Monterey Bay Aquarium is known to put its best efforts to make the premises fully and safely accessible by persons with disabilities.
  • All the exhibits and habitats can be accessed using elevators and ramps in the premises.
  • You will also find a number of restrooms that can be accessed by persons with disabilities.
  • A number of shark types are present like the Pacific Angel Shark, Leopard Shark, Sevengill Shark and Spiny Dogfish.
  • A number of sea otters, ray fish, sea lions, star fish, crabs, etc- are present in the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
  • No outside food or beverages are allowed inside the aquarium.
  • The aquarium has a Cafe and is open at all times of the day. Since the aquarium is making efforts to be cash-free, you will have to make payments using cashless sources.
  • There are a number of shopping spots in the aquarium where you can buy books, clothes, toys, souvenirs, and so on.
  • Some of the shops include the Aquarium Store, Ocean Discovery Store and Open Sea Store which are located at different floors of the attraction.

FAQs for Monterey Bay Aquarium Tickets

Which are the Habitats to explore in Monterey Bay Aquarium?

Monterey Bay Aquarium has more than 10 habitats in and around it, all of which are home to a number of aquatic creatures, birds and other animals. The most famed habitat in the Aquarium is ‘Into the Deep ', which provides a glimpse into the life and ecosystem in deep-sea and mid-western waters. There are a number of strange and never-seen-before species like Giant Isopods, Chandelier Jelly, Bloody-belly Comb jelly, long-legged crabs,etc-. In the Splash Zone and Penguin habitat, huge colonies of African penguins exist that are pleasant to watch.

With Monterey Bay Aquarium tickets, witness one of the tallest aquarium housing a dense kelp forest. Diverse species of sharks, rocky fish and crustaceans are found roaming in the development. At the Giant Pacific Octopus habitat, there are a number of such octopi that are either disguised or swishing around. Other habitats include coastal waters, coastal wetlands, open waters and sea otter habitats.

Can we book Monterey Bay aquarium tickets online?

Yes, you can definitely book Monterey Bay Aquarium tickets online with us for the best tour experience. Apart from having an organised and hassle-free tour, you'll also benefit from incredible discounts that can be availed on the ticket.

Why is the Monterey Bay Aquarium so famous?

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is one of largest aquariums in North America, housing all kinds of aquatic creatures. A visit to the aquarium will enable you to delve into the mystery of deep-seas and midwaters, with bizarre and exotic marine creatures. It has countless habitats that house almost all kinds of marine creatures that you might imagine.

Are there any wheelchair facilities in the Monterey Bay aquarium?

The Aquarium has an ample number of manual wheelchairs that you can access using Monterey Bay Aquarium tickets. There are also a number of bariatric wheelchairs available in the aquarium which are free to use and can be available on a first-come-first-serve basis.


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