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Visit the largest aquarium in the UK's North West with your Blue Planet Aquarium tickets, when visiting Cheshire. An ideal holiday attraction for families with kids, groups of friends, and even solo travelers who are fascinated by underwater life. Home to a 4 million-liter aquarium with marine and freshwater consisting of clownfish, sting rays, sharks, octopuses, corals, etc. Observe the stunning aquatic beauty across the Blue Planet Aquarium, UK while also learning about the importance of conserving marine life. Watch the expert staff feed the animals at the Aquatheater while also educating people about each animal.

Be prepared to be awestruck as you walk under a 71-meter-high underwater tunnel filled with all kinds of sea animals. Take pictures with colorful clownfish and glowing jellyfish to amp up your Instagram feeds. There are nine different themed zones where you can discover over 100 living displays and thousands of sea creatures from all over the world. Also, those who claim to be fearless shall certainly not miss out on the Venom section which is filled with some of the most deadly creatures in the world such as viper snakes, lionfish, and tarantulas. You can indulge in other family-friendly activities like a deep-sea dining experience where you can try a variety of delicious meals and drinks.

Book Blue Planet Aquarium Tickets Online

Book your Blue Planet Aquarium tickets online to get instant confirmation and block your dates. It is a very popular tourist attraction in the UK which witnesses huge numbers of crowds and pre-booking your ticket online will help you skip those long lines outside the entrance area. Also, you can avail of discounts while booking your tickets online since many online travel agencies provide exciting booking offers.

Blue Planet Aquarium which is also known as the National Aquarium of the UK is a popular tourist destination in the UK. It is home to over thousands of wild animals and sea creatures with a 4 million-liter huge aquarium. You can also watch the animal feeding session by enquiring about the timing from the reception. There’s a large variety of fish and animals inside including clownfish, sharks, sting rays, jellyfish, octopus, and tarantulas, lionfish among others.

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Exhibits at Blue Planet Aquarium

Northern Streams

The Northern Stream is a beautiful freshwater stream where you can roam around and discover the beautiful sea creatures that inhabit this exhibit. You are likely to come across Common Carp and European Perch in the cool stream and water plants. There are over 700 animals to see in this exhibit.

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Flooded Forest

Discover over 30 species of fish and a total of 3000 animals in the Flooded Forest of the Blue Planet Aquarium. You will find yourself in the hottest and wettest climate in the world in the Amazon Rainforest. Come face-to-face with creatures such as piranhas, boa constrictors, black Pacus, Archerfish, etc.

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Lake Malawi

Take a journey to Africa’s third-largest lake called Lake Malawi in the Blue Planet Aquarium exhibit. The tropical lake consists of fresh water which is home to about 15 species of fish and over 3000 animals. Lake Malawi’s underwater environment makes it one of the fourth-largest freshwater lakes in the world.

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Frog Zone

Marvel at the world’s most unusual and colorful species of frog in the world at the Frog Zone. Get a close look at their unique and vibrant colorful patterns during your visit to the exhibit. From Poison Dart Frog to Poison Arrow Frog, there are over 10 species of frogs to discover.

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Caiman Crocodiles

The Caiman Crocodiles exhibit at the Blue Planet Aquarium allows visitors to get an up-close encounter with the American crocodiles. The aquarium is home to the Cuvier’s dwarf caiman, the smallest new-age living crocodile. The Caiman crocs are mostly found in mangrove swamps which are the world’s most diverse ecosystems.

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Coral Cave

Enter the Coral Cave exhibit with your Blue Planet Aquarium tickets and treat your eyes to the vibrant beauty of the coral reef replicas. Usually found in saltwater such as the Western and Central Pacific Oceans, and the Indian Ocean. You will come across clownfish, regal tangs, and thousands of corals.

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Rock Pools

See what lives under rocks at the Rock Pools exhibit. Rock pools are microhabitats for some marine creatures that live under or between giant rocks such as starfish, spider crabs, anemones, and more. Witness over 20 species of sea creatures during the tour of this incredible Blue Planet Aquarium exhibit.

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Ocean Exhibit

One of the most popular exhibits of all is the Ocean Exhibit offering magnificent views of the ocean through a 4 million-liter display of marine life. Gaze at all the majestic sea creatures such as sharks, clownfish, sea turtles, and more from every angle. Walk under the underwater tunnel and admire all the sea animals.

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Witness the world’s deadliest creatures with a tour of the Venom exhibit. If you consider yourself to be a daredevil then it’s time to come face-to-face with viper snakes, tarantulas, and black widow spiders, among others. Don’t worry you will be separated by the specially designed reinforced glass for safety.

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Know Before You Book Blue Planet Aquarium Tickets

Essential Information
Species at Blue Planet Aquarium
  • Location: Blue Planet Aquarium, Cheshire Oaks, Cheshire, CH65 9LF
  • Timings: 10 AM to 5 PM (Daily) No admission after 4 PM
  • Best Time to Visit: If you wish to beat the heavy rush, try reaching the place before the opening hours. Early morning is the best time to experience the Blue Planet Aquarium with a minimal crowd. You will get a chance to explore a lot of activities easily.
  • How to reach:

1. By Car/Taxi: You can easily drive to the Blue Planet Aquarium by car from nearby cities. Make sure to look out for the Blue Planet Aquarium brown tourist information signs on the road if you’re driving by yourself. Keep following the Blue Planet Aquarium brown tourist signs situated on the M53 Junction 10 to reach your destination.

From Manchester City Center: 1-hour drive via M53 & M56From Liverpool: 30-minute drive via M53From Chester City Center: 20-minute drive via A56 towards A5117 before exiting M53From Macclesfield: 1-hour drive via M6 and M56

2. By Bus: Taking a bus is also an easy and convenient option to travel to the Blue Planet Aquarium.

From Liverpool: Bus no. 1 from Sir Thomas StreetFrom Chester: Bus no. 1 from Central Bus Station

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  • Giant Pacific Octopus
  • Dalmatian Pelican
  • Electric Eel
  • Sand Tiger Sharks
  • Corals
  • Lionfish
  • Regal Tang
  • Pufferfish
  • Sea Anemones
  • Malawi Cichlids
  • Viper Snakes
  • Zebra Sharks
  • Poison Dart Frog
  • Red Bellied Piranha
  • Arabian Bamboo Shark
  • Archer Fish
  • Black Pacu
  • Spiny Spider Crab
  • Tarantula
  • Clownfish
  • Stingray
  • Siberian Sturgeon
  • Sea Turtles
  • Sea Horses
  • Caiman Crocodiles

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FAQs For Blue Planet Aquarium Tickets

How long does it take to go around the Blue Planet Aquarium, United Kingdom?

It will not take you more than 2 to 3 hours to comfortably look around the Blue Planet Aquarium, UK. There are tons of activities that you can experience such as attending live feeding sessions, exhibits, educational shows, etc.

Is advance booking of Blue Planet Aquarium tickets necessary?

Although advance booking is not compulsory, it is always advisable to purchase your tickets beforehand. You don’t have to pay the gate price and can end up saving a lot of money, especially if you’re booking tickets for a large group like friends or family.

Are there discounts available on Blue Planet Aquarium tickets?

Yes, many websites offer exciting offers and ticket prices when you purchase a ticket online. They offer special discounts to new users and even suggest tours that you can take around the area to make the most of your trip.

Can I book Blue Planet Aquarium tickets online?

Yes, you can easily book your Blue Planet Aquarium tickets online through various booking websites. You will end up saving a lot of time and money by pre-booking your tickets online.

Why is Blue Planet Aquarium so famous?

Apart from being home to a giant 4 million-liter aquarium, the Blue Planet Aquarium is also home to the largest collection of sharks. The aquarium was inaugurated by the late Queen Elizabeth II in 1998. It offers activities such as informative exhibits, interactive animal feeding sessions, shark dives, etc.


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