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If you want to have close encounters with the awe-inspiring marine creatures, you must visit the Sea Life Berlin aquarium. It is the largest tropical aquarium in Berlin, known for its amazing variety of marine life. You can see here more than five thousand fascinating aquatic animals in thirty-seven tanks and pools. Explore the amazing world of jellyfish, watch sharks glide through blue waters, and get a glimpse of the underwater and terrestrial habitats. Walk through the captivating tunnel to witness bat rays, sleek sharks, and schools of fish swimming all around you. From the depth of the Atlantic Ocean to the Spree River and the tropical areas, the planet’s vibrant ecosystem is on full display at this aquarium.

The highlight of the aquarium is the AquaDom, the largest free-standing aquarium in the world, with around fifteen hundred fish from over a hundred different species. At the “Atlantic Ocean” zone, you can have an up-close interaction with the majestic sharks, wreckfish, and eagle rays, and at the Rocky Shore” region, you can learn about the eating habits of starfish and sea anemones. You can also explore interactive exhibits, take a behind-the-scenes tour, and feed the marine creatures to have one of its kind marine adventures.

Book Sea Life Berlin Tickets Online

Book the Sea Life Berlin Tickets online to get a glimpse into the amazing world of sea creatures through special exhibits, close encounters, and educational shows. With the Sea Life Berlin Tickets, you can get direct entry to the attraction, and you won’t have to wait in long lines at the ticket counter.

The Sea Life Berlin tickets give you access to all the interesting aquarium exhibits, including the AquaDom, the largest tropical aquarium in Berlin. Follow the lives of the underwater beauties from the Spree River to the tropical areas and depths of the Atlantic ocean. You can also witness the daily feedings and touch the slimy creatures in the touch pool.

Why Book Sea Life Berlin Tickets Online?

By booking the Sea Life Berlin Tickets online, you’re guaranteed to have a crowd-free experience as you’ll get direct entry to the attraction and you’ll also save yourself from the hassle of standing in long queues to collect your physical passes.

The best benefit you can get by booking the Sea Life Berlin Tickets online is that you can save a significant amount of money. You will get many offers and discounts on your booking from our websites as well as you will get an instant confirmation of your booking.

Another advantage of booking the Sea Life Berlin Tickets online is that you can visit the attraction without the hassle of waiting in long lines at the ticket counter. You just have to go through the security check and you’ll directly enter the attraction.

Explore Zones at Sea Life Berlin

Tropical coral reef
Tropical coral reef

Explore the diversity and beauty of the tropical coral reefs and the magnificent fish species in the Tropical coral reef section. Learn about coral reefs, their varieties, the threats they face, and things you can do to save them. Come face to face with beautiful sea creatures like palette surgeonfish and clownfish.

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At the seahorses' zone, you can have a close encounter with the sea’s most amazing creatures, seahorses. Come face to face with beautiful fish and learn more about their elusive and mysterious life. Due to their natural ability to camouflage with their surroundings, you will need a keen eye to spot them.

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Sting bay
Sting bay

At Sea Life Berlin, you can see more than five hundred species of stingrays gliding through the water. You can also dip your hand in the tank and touch them and learn why they are considered pilots of the ocean. The tank has varying depths, and you can see cownose rays gliding at the surface and yellow rays slinking along the bottom of the tank.

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Depths of the Atlantic Ocean
Depths of the Atlantic Ocean

Depths of the Atlantic Ocean celebrates the planet’s second largest and most diverse body of water, the Atlantic Ocean. It mimics the environment of the Atlantic Ocean and gives you a glimpse of its residents. Come face to face with the eagle rays, wreckfishes, stingrays, and hound sharks and know about the various breeding programs carried out by the aquarium staff!

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AquaDom is the largest free-standing aquarium in the world, with more than 250,000 gallons of saltwater. You can take a magical ride through the aquarium on a glass elevator and have a glimpse of the aquatic wonders. Meet Nemo, Dory, and other colorful fish and learn about the eating habits of these marine species in seven feeding sections

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Stay in awe as you head to the jellyfish zone and see tanks full of bobbing, translucent varieties of jellyfish. Large, clear glass tanks give you a feeling that you can submerge yourself among the jellies. You can also learn about the feeding habits and behavioral patterns of the jellyfish from the experienced staff.

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Discover the wonder of the color-changing, shape-shifting octopus and its underwater volcanic world at Sea Life Berlin. Since octopuses camouflage their hiding place with shells and stones and easily adapt to their environment, you might have difficulty spotting them. Learn how an octopus can change skin texture, color, and body shape from the experienced staff.

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Feel the tiny aquatic creatures tickle your palm at Sea Life Berlin’s Touch Pool. Hold a cleaner shrimp in your hand and touch and see more than eight aquatic species like anemones and sea stars. You can also ask the educators about the behavioral pattern and feeding habits of these creatures.

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Highlights for Sea Life Berlin

Highlights for Sea Life Berlin
  • Sea Life Berlin is home to more than five thousand fascinating aquatic animals, including fast-swimming sharks, color-changing octopuses, frolicking sea otters, and pulsating jellies.
  • Get insights into the immense wonders of the ocean through interesting exhibits, educational programs, and a behind-the-scenes tour.
  • The aquarium has various zones representing the Atlantic Ocean and warm coral reefs of the tropical Pacific.
  • You can touch the amazing sea creatures at the touch pool and feed them in seven feeding sections in AquaDom.
  • You can also take a magical ride through the aquarium on a glass elevator at AquaDom.

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Know Before You Book Sea Life Berlin

Essential Information
Essential Information

Location: Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 5, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Timings: Monday to Sunday- 10 am to 5 pmThe last entry is at around 4 pm

How to reach

By Car

If you’re coming from the Berliner Ring, you’ll have to take the exit to the Berlin Zentrum. Follow the signposting Alexanderplatz/ Berlin Mitte and park your car at the nearby parking area. You’ll then have to walk for around five minutes to reach Sea Life Berlin.

By BusBuses 100, 200, 248, M48, TXL will drop you at Alexanderplatz. From Alexanderplatz, Sea Life Berlin is around three minutes, so you can walk to cover this distance. Shop Sea Life Berlin has a souvenir shop where you can buy toys, shopping bags, lovely cards, and trendy clothes for your friends and family members. The prices of the items on display at the shop are fixed, and you won’t get any discount on them.

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FAQs For Sea Life Berlin Tickets

How much time do we need to explore Sea Life Berlin?

    You’ll need at least two to three hours to explore Sea Life Berlin, as it has various interesting zones, animal exhibits, and activities on offer. Each section has its own highlights, and you must spare a good amount of time to enjoy the attraction fully.

What would be the price of Sea Life Berlin Tickets?

Are any discounts available on Sea Life Berlin Tickets?

Why is Sea Life Berlin so famous?

Is Wheelchair accessible at Sea Life Berlin?

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