Hurghada Grand Aquarium Tickets, Egypt

About Hurghada Grand Aquarium

Enter and discover the marine and freshwater realm through Hurghada Grand Aquarium tickets. Home to more than 1200 animals with over 1000 species spread widely across 22 different exhibits, one can find many things here at the aquarium. An interesting fusion of marine science and conservation ventures, including some notable specimens like Shovel nose guitar shark, Sandbar shark, Stingrays, Tiger shark, Green sea turtle, Nurse shark, Eagle rays, Blacktip shark etc. Inspiring tourists of all ages to make them educate about the marine environment while providing conservation action and promotion. It will imply making sustainable choices and an active participation towards the marine world. It has established its place in the Top 10% of attractions and receives Travelers choice awards as well. Get a chance to know marine life through beautiful encounters with aquatic animals through Hurghada Grand Aquarium tickets.

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The place features 22 small aquariums including a small zoo and underwater tunnel. You will explore the walk on the floor bridge and experience the daily shark feeding schedule. Tourists can come up with any time during opening hours. There are cafes to buy some refreshments or snacks but not restaurants. You can bring your own food or drinks as well. The staff are dedicated here to inspire all guests of all ages to appreciate the marine world and will later imply that knowledge to take active participation and make sustainable choices.

Book Hurghada Grand Aquarium tickets online to save both your time and money. With advance booking you can skip the long lines at the ticket counter during your visit and get a direct entry in the aquarium. Avail various discounts and deals on your online booking which will make your trip budget friendly.

Things To Do At Hurghada Grand Aquarium

  • Rainforest: You will get to relive the distinctive group of trees, flowers and ornamental plants from the tropical forests to add the touch of natural beauty in the tour.
  • Marine Aquarium: Explore the most beautiful marine creatures and fishes in the red sea through 24 and more transparent glass aquariums and capture their photos and videos.
  • Freshwater Aquarium: Encounter the wonderful underwater marine creature of the freshwater aquarium.
  • Mini Zoo: Enter the small zoo garden full of lots of wild animals of the red sea, desert and egypt and get to know their living.
  • Fossil Exhibit: Wadi Al-Hitan, a paleontological site in the Al Fayyum Governorate. It is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.
  • Arabian Tent: Inspired with the lives of Bedouin, capture the essence of Arabia in this village tent.

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Know Before You Book Hurghada Grand Aquarium Tickets

Essential Information
Feeding Times
  • Location: Grand Aquarium، Villages Road, Km 12، Red Sea Governorate 84511, Egypt
  • Timings: It is open daily seven days a week from 9am to 7pm. Last entry will be at 6pm. You may stay longer if you want but the tour stays around two hours.
  • Best time to visit: As the records and reviews mentioned the best time to visit is around 11am to 12pm as that is when there is most of the audience and the shows are alive to get more entertained. But if you want less crowds then go before 11am.
  • How to Reach:

1. By Bus: In this, you would have to first board a bus that leaves every 20 minutes from the Hurghada city to Hurghada airport. Then take a taxi from the airport to the aquarium.

2. By taxi or by car: You can directly take a taxi/car from the main city to the aquarium which is 17 kms and takes approx one hour to reach to your destination.

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There is this Shark feeding schedule available in the Hurghada Grand Aquarium ticket for two slots. One for 11am to 12pm then from 3pm to 4pm. Also keep this in mind that the show might change its time with no any prior notice as per the sharks behavior which is not always the same.

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Highlights of Hurghada Grand Aquarium

  • The aquarium focuses on aquatic wonderland lying offshore.
  • Gained popularity with its various features including, more than 20 fish tanks featuring several species of the Red sea.
  • Explore its 24m long underwater glass tunnel and the idea of showing different exhibits full of exotic marine animals.
  • The Exhibit of Hurghada Grand Aquarium has more than 650 different types of fishes.
  • Interact with these adorable aquatic animals through various feeding sessions available here.

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FAQs For Hurghada Grand Aquarium Tickets

Can I take pictures in the Hurghada Grand Aquarium?

Yes, it is allowed to take pictures inside the aquarium but always remember that some fishes are sensitive to the flashing lights which might cause them trouble.

Is advance booking of Hurghada Grand Aquarium tickets necessary?

Yes, booking an advance Hurghada Grand Aquarium ticket is recommended and very necessary if you don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity. Because it is a popular attraction which makes it impossible to have unlimited entriesSo they had given specific limitations on visitors to enter at a given time.

Is the price for Hurghada Grand Aquarium tickets the same for everyone?

No, the price for all Hurghada Grand Aquarium tickets is not the same for everyone. They vary from age to age, hence check the website before booking your tickets.

Are there discounts available on Hurghada Grand Aquarium tickets?

There might be discounts available on Hurghada Grand Aquarium tickets if you book with us.

Can I book Hurghada Grand Aquarium tickets Online?

Yes, you can buy Hurghada Grand Aquarium tickets online and in fact book in advance to avail many benefits such as cheapest deals, offers, and many more.

How much is the Hurghada Grand Aquarium ticket price?

For tourists, the Hurghada Grand Aquarium tickets cost around 688.83 EGP and 255.85 EGP for children. And the children under 4 years old go for free. For Arab Citizens it goes around 393.62 EGP.

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