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Dive in the two worlds of wonder and excitement in Tennessee Aquarium. Home to 10,000 animals situated on the Tennessee river in downtown Chattanooga. It is the top rated aquarium spread across two buildings - one focused on oceans and other on rivers. The ocean follows the trails of the river into the gulf of mexico. Showcasing different art gallery exhibits including pacific octopus and jellyfish. Whereas the river journey follows the path of the raindrop from Appalachian mountains to the gulf of mexico. Along with the Tennessee river gallery exhibits showing species you might see outside the aquarium such as american alligators, giant freshwater stingray and others. You can observe everything, from the freshwater exhibits in the river journey to the freshwater exhibits in the ocean journey. Encounter many rare animals like alligators, sturgeon, hellbender, penguins and many more on the path along the way. Explore the aquarium through a general ticket to get access to both the buildings and exhibits. You can also add to your Tennessee aquarium experience with a show at IMAX theater.

Exhibits at Tennessee Aquarium


Showcasing different amphibians mostly wild frogs such as yellow and blue poison dart frogs, these attack their predators through their beautiful skin by the secretion of toxins. Phantasmal is small in size and considered endangered and yellow banded poison, fed on amts through their toxins. Mossy, semi aquatic species that play dead when distubed.

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Various fishes like Flashlight fish are found in deep caves. Brook trout, one of the three species living in the Tennessee aquarium, are considered as indicator species. Yellowtail snapper is an oval shaped body type considered as a good sustainable seafood. On the other hand, Wallago catfish have very strong bullhead face bites, along with many more different species of fishes present in the aquarium.

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Invertebrates are mesmerizing magical marine creatures found in the underwater ballet at the Tennessee aquarium. They appear in a wide variety of colors but turn into a common golden brown color. They are mostly found in every ocean in the world and are also known as the invasive species. There are more invertebrates like toadstool leather coral, moonjelly, cuttlefish, pacific octopus and spider crab.

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Mammals are in the five forms such as Collared Lemur, an understudied species of lemur hunt food together. Ring tailed has a black and white tail found on Madagascar island. Red Ruffed has red and black fur with a narrow snout and black ears and Virginia opossum and river otter are also the same.

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Reptiles are found in several types such as panther chameleons, which are just like other chameleon species. Emerald tree monitor is a beautiful agile curling claws whereas Eastern box turtle is more like a terrestrial species. Spiny turtles are so common in a zoo collection along with other reptiles like radiated tortoise, milk snake, keeled box turtle etc.

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There are varieties of birds here which includes northern cardinal beautiful songbirds with a brilliant red face. Hermit thrush has a flute-like call with its red tail and flicks and gray catbird has black eyes and beak. Macaroni, gentoo penguins, barred owl, wood duck and partridge are also some of the famous varied species.

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Know Before You Go Tennessee Aquarium

Essential Information
Tips To Visit Tennessee Aquarium
Essential Information
  • Location: 1 Broad Street, Aquarium Plaza, Chattanooga,TN 37402, United States
  • Timings: Sunday to Friday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PMSaturday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Best Time to Visit: Best time to visit is between 11 AM to 12 PM when the aquarium is less crowded.
  • How to Reach:

1. By Car: You can rent a car going through routes from I-24 to downtown Chattanooga, U.S. Highway 27 North, and then take exit to 1C; you will reach the location.

2. By Bus: The bus lines 2A, 16, DTS, 33, 4, 1, 10A, 10C, 10G and 13 pass by the aquarium. The nearest bus stop is the Market & West Aquarium way that is a 3 minute walk from the aquarium.

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What is special about the Tennessee Aquarium?

    Tennessee aquarium is special as it is the only accredited zoo/aquarium in the US to house the Beal’s eyed turtle which is very rare and considered as an one of the endangered species. The aquarium also offers large exhibits featuring all the species which other aquariums don't have.

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