Sea Life Orlando

Overview Of Sea Life Orlando

Unveil the treasures of the underwater world by heading to Sea Life Orlando, a twenty-five thousand square-foot indoor Aquarium. It displays thousands of stunning sea animals, such as sharks, sea turtles, octopuses, sea stars, sea horses, stingrays, jellyfish, and colorful fish. This aquatic wonderland has various habitats themed after the subtropical environment of Florida. It has thirty displays, a glass tunnel for viewing fish, and an ocean tank for live animal encounters.

The aquarium also features a video theater where you can learn how the jellyfish keep the oceans clean by eating plankton. You can also enjoy activities such as animal-feeding sessions and watch amazing shows like the Pacific Ocean Dive Show, The Dive Show of the Atlantic Ocean, and the Indian Ocean Dive Show.

The aquarium also features a Coastal Rockpool Exhibit where you can dare to touch real sea creatures like starfish and anemones. Don't miss the 360° Ocean Tunnel that will lead you through the middle of three lakh fifty thousand gallons of water and show you the diversity of marine life. So what are you waiting for? Book the Sea Life Orlando tickets now to learn about the wonders of marine life.

Book Sea Life Orlando Tickets Online

Book the Sea Life Orlando tickets online to skip the long lines at the ticket counter and get direct entry to this attraction. With the Sea Life Orlando tickets, you get a chance to meet and greet 5000+ amazing sea creatures like sharks, sea turtles, octopuses, sea stars, sea horses, stingrays, jellyfish, and colorful fish. You can also attend educational talks and watch interesting shows like the Pacific Ocean Dive Show and The Dive Show of the Atlantic Ocean. The tickets also give you access to the Coastal Rockpool Exhibit, where you can touch the sea animals and see how they react to human touch.

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Why to Book Sea Life Orlando Tickets Online?

Book the Sea Life Orlando tickets online to stay away from the hassle of standing in long lines at the ticket counter. By booking the ticket online you can get direct entry to the attraction and you can also reserve your spot on the desired date and time.

If you're looking for amazing discounts and offers, book the Sea Life Orlando tickets online. Many lucrative offers and discounts are running on different websites on a time-to-time basis. So before booking the tickets, compare the prices on various websites and grab the most lucrative deal.

The most amazing benefit of booking the Sea Life Orlando tickets online is that you get early access to the attraction. You can visit the aquarium anytime, spend hours exploring the exhibits, and enjoy various interesting activities. Arrive early during the opening time if you want to have a crowd-free experience.

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Explore Zones at Sea Life Orlando

360 Ocean Tunnel

Want to explore the amazing underwater world of Sea Life Orlando without getting wet? Head to the 360 Ocean Tunnel and see the sharks, stingrays, eels, turtles, and colorful fish swimming above and under you. It's a one-hundred-and-eighty thousand-gallon aquarium that showcases over twenty different species of unique marine animals. The prime attraction of the tunnel is the rescued green sea turtle that will wave at you and show you its swimming prowess.

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Jelly Wall Exhibit

Stay in awe as you walk through the Jelly Wall exhibit, which is filled with multi-colored jellyfish. It replicates the ecosystem of the Everglades and gives you a chance to meet the coral beauties. Don't miss an opportunity to click beautiful pictures as the jellyfish change their color and offer you vivid hues to take a snap.

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Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is one of the most interesting exhibits that give you a chance to uncover the hidden aquatic wonders of the third largest oceanic division. Two of the most interesting members of this exhibit are Ted, the turtle who has helped in developing the Turtle Excluder Device, and Joy, the zebra shark who has been hatched from an egg at the Georgia Aquarium.

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Feeding Frenzy

Get ready for an immersive experience as you feed the lovely marine creatures with your own hands at Sea Life Orlando. An instructor will be available to guide you during this activity. You can also click pictures while feeding the cute marine animals to have lovely memoirs. Check the feeding time, as this activity is temporary and is only conducted at specific hours.

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Coastal Rockpool Exhibit

Show your daredevil spirit by touching the amazing sea creatures at the Coastal Rockpool Exhibit. Rockpools are amazing micro-habitats where you can meet and greet incredible creatures like a starfish or anemone and even feel their slimy touch.

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Highlights for Sea Life Orlando

  • Book the Sea Life Orlando tickets and get a chance to see more than five thousand sea beauties like sharks, sea turtles, octopuses, otters, sea stars, sea horses, stingrays, jellyfish, and colorful fish.
  • Explore the interesting exhibits like 360 Tunnel, Indian Ocean, Feeding Frenzy, Jelly Wall, and Rockpool.
  • The aquarium also functions as an educational center, and you can learn about the breeding and rescue services and conservation efforts.
  • You can also participate in daily free creature talks and feed creatures like starfish, tangs, and crabs.
  • See real mermaids swimming with stingrays and beautiful tropical fish in the Atlantic Ocean habitat.

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Know Before You Go Sea Life Orlando

Essential Information
Tips to visit

Location; 8449 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819 Timings: Thursday- Sunday: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PMSaturday & Friday: 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM

How to reach

By Car: From Orlando City Center, Sea Life Orlando is around ten miles away. If you're coming by car from Orlando City Center, you can reach Sea Life Orlando in approximately thirteen minutes.

By Sunrail: Sand Lake Road station is the closest sun rail station to Orlando City Center. Get down at Sand Lake Road station and walk for around fifteen minutes to reach Orlando City Center.

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  • When you arrive at Sea Life Orlando, ask for a logbook that you can use as a guide to explore the various exhibits.
  • Wear comfortable shoes or flip-flops as you'll have to walk a lot inside the aquarium.
  • Before visiting the aquarium, check the schedule of the day so you know what you can expect when you arrive. There are various events and feeding sessions that are organized at fixed times.
  • Don't miss out on exploring the touch pool that gives you a chance to touch the aquatic creatures with your own hands.
  • Book the Sea Life Orlando tickets online to avoid the rush at the ticket counter. You can also buy combination tickets wherein you can club other attractions such as ICON Orlando and Madame Tussauds to your itinerary.

FAQs for Sea Life Orlando

How much time do we need to explore Sea Life Orlando?

You'll need at least three to four hours to explore Sea Life Orlando, as there are tons of attractions and activities on offer. Each section of the aquarium features different aquatic creatures from different parts of the world, like the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans. So don't rush yourself and have optimum time on your hand while visiting the aquarium.

What would be the price of Sea Life Orlando Tickets?

The Sea Life Orlando tickets will cost you around $34. With these tickets you get access to all the amazing attractions that the place has to offer.

Are any discounts available on Sea Life Orlando Tickets?

Yes, if you buy the Sea Life Orlando tickets online, you might get various discounts and deals on your ticket price.

Why is Sea Life Orlando so famous?

Sea Life Orlando is an aquatic wonderland where you can see more than five thousand sea creatures in their natural habitat. The aquarium also features interesting exhibits like 360 Tunnel, Indian Ocean, Feeding Frenzy, Jelly Wall, and Rockpool.

Is Wheelchair accessible at Sea Life Orlando?

Yes, Sea Life Orlando is wheelchair accessible, but you won't get wheelchairs on site. You'll have to bring your own wheelchair to the facility.


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