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About SEA Life Center London Aquarium

SEA Life is one of the biggest aquarium chains in the world and one of them is the amazing SEA Life Aquarium London. One of the most famous attractions in London city, this aquarium is home to over 500 species of adorable marine life. The place is divided into twelve different themed zones which offer unique experiences to its visitors. One of the most popular zone amazon kids is the Shark Walk, where you get to walk on the glass path with sharks floating beneath you. Tourists can encounter different other species such as jellyfish, octopus, coral reefs, and many more. With entertainment the aquarium also believes in spreading awareness about the importance of conservation of marine life. With expert knowledge and various interactive shows, you will be able to understand in-depth about the revival process of endangered species. Experience the largest jellyfish encounter and get to know about their life underwater and what their strengths and weaknesses are, as you explore around the aquarium. The robotic fish development exhibit of 2005 made SEA Life Aquarium London more popular among the locals as well as tourists, which sparked a large amount of foot-fall in the aquarium.

Why Book Sea Life London Tickets?

SEA Life Aquarium London is a very popular attraction in the city, hence it sometimes gets difficult to get SEA Life London tickets. We recommend booking your SEA Life London tickets online, which will save both your time and money. With great combo deals and discounts make your aquarium trip budget friendly, and with skip-the-line tickets book your tickets from the comfort of your home.

  • Explore 14 incredibly themed zones at SEA Life Aquarium London and meet the stars of the underwater world.
  • Observe over 500 species including sharks, turtles, octopus, coral reefs, and many more as you go through the SEA Life Aquarium London.
  • Feel the cold as you enter the Polar Adventure, where you will meet the adorable Gentoo Penguin Colony.
  • Learn more about marine life from different interactive sessions and activities, that will give you interesting insight about the underwater world and how they work.
  • Take your kids for a unique stroll at Shark Walk, where you will observe 10 species of sharks floating beneath your feet.

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  • Explore all the 12 themed zones inside the aquarium with your SEA Life London tickets and visit the underwater world.
  • Observe over 500 species of marine life including sharks, octopus, turtles, coral reefs, penguins, and many more with your SEA Life London tickets.
  • Learn more about aquatic life through various interactive sessions and activities.

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Popular SEA Life London Tickets Options

There are various SEA Life London tickets options available online, which offers various benefits to visitors. If you book your tickets online you will be able to make hassle free bookings with great deals and discounts on your ticket pricing. Choose the best combo SEA Life London tickets according to your convenience and comfort.

General ticketsThis is the basic ticket option where you get access to all the amazing 12 themed zones inside the aquarium. You will be able to see and interact with adorable creatures with the various interactive sessions held inside the aquarium, such as feeding and encounters. You can reschedule your tickets for free if you cancel your SEA Life London tickets 24 hours early from the date of booking.

Anytime Entry TicketWith these amazing SEA Life London tickets one will be able to enter the aquarium anytime of the day. You don’t have to book a particular time-slot for entering one of London's most famous attractions. You can just go anytime of the day and go straight for the entrance without any hassle and make the most of your trip. Explore 14 themed zones containing over 500 species and understand new facts about the mesmerizing underwater world.

Standard Ticket + VR ExperienceGet yourself some combo SEA Life London tickets and experience more in a budget friendly environment. Enjoy the perks of a Standard ticket with a 15 minute time slot and get your spot fixed for the visit. To go more deeper into the aquatic world, the SEA Life Aquarium London offers its visitors a special experience of Virtual Reality, where you can go into the deeper ends of the ocean with safety. Observe the endangered and predator species of the ocean in HD with your family and friends.

Sea Life + London EyeThis combo ticket offers the best of both worlds, diving deep in the ocean and flying high in the air all in one ticket. At SEA Life Aquarium London, explore 14 theme zones featuring over 500 different marine species from around the world. Dive deep and learn interesting facts about as you encounter these adorable creatures including sharks, turtles, and more. After exploring the aquarium head towards London’s iconic ferris wheel the London Eye. Hop in one of the modern carriages of the wheel and enjoy the scenery from the top. The wheel takes a 360 degree round to provide you with the best views of the city.

Sea Life + Shrek's Adventure LondonExplore two of London's most popular attractions with one single combo ticket. Learn more about marine life with over 500 species featuring from around the world, and get to know about their features, lifestyle through interactive activities and sessions. Visit Shrek’s Adventure London for an amazing experience with your favorite fictional character from the Shrek’s series. Meet Po and many others through various interactive rides and attractions. If you are visiting London city with your kids, then this is one of the best combos for families.

Sea Life + Madame Tussauds LondonGet combo SEA Life London tickets and visit two of the most famous attractions of the city. Observe and interact with the adorable aquatic species at the SEA Life Aquarium, where you get to see 14 themed zones with over 500 species of marine life. The creatures include sharks, turtles, jellies, and many more from around the world. Also tourists get to visit their favorite celebrity wax statue at the popular Madame Tussauds London. Click pictures with them and get amazed by the ravishing wax sculptures made with extreme details, making them look like a real person.

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Top Aquarium Zones in Sea Life Aquarium London

SEA Life Aquarium London has a total of 14 themed zones that offer unique and interesting experiences to visitors, but there are three major galleries that one should not miss. These zones or galleries include coral kingdoms, ocean invaders, and rainforest adventure. You can explore all these zones with SEA Life London tickets.

Coral Kingdom

Observe the largest living coral reefs in the UK which is the newest addition to the already existing coral reef in our aquatic ecosystem. Discover the vibrant and colorful coral sections featuring leafy mangroves underwater, offering you a unique transition between the day and night time of the day. Admire the cute little sea creatures including clownfish, regal tanks, and many more as you walk past the serene 40ft, long water tang. Shuffle, weave or even dive inside these coral reefs and get a glimpse of the coral life.

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Ocean Invaders

Ocean Invaders is a zone solely dedicated to the mysterious jellyfish, with the UK's largest exhibition. You can learn everything about these creatures through the three interactive sub-zones inside ocean invaders. Discover Jellyfish is the first stop where you will learn about the lifecycle of these creatures. Understanding Jellyfish is the second stop where you will discover about their good and bad sides and how they take over the ocean. Wowed by Jellyfish is the last stop which is a mystery that will be solved only by personally visiting this zone.

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Rainforest Adventure

Rainforest Adventure is one of the most exciting zones inside the SEA Life London as it offers numerous interactive activities filled with adrenaline and thrill. This zone is themed as an amazon forest, where you will get to see crawlers, critters, and crocs. Observe the biggest piranha collection of the UK, and indulge in activities that include feeding these extraordinary creatures. Participate in the Face to Fang challenge where you need to place your hand inside a glass box just a few centimeters away from the biggest carnivore spider.

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Top Creatures Inside Sea Life Aquarium

SEA Life Aquarium offers a wide variety of marine species from rare to endangered ones, and from newly born to rescued ones as well. Here you will find over 500 species of aquatic life that are divided into 14 themed zones offering you a deeper understanding of the worlds beneath us.

Coral Reef Inhabitants
Rainforest Species

Sharks are one of the smartest predator species who are continuously evolving, making them more interesting and dangerous. Over 500 species of sharks live in our oceans, from which many can be observed at SEA Life London. The strongest sense of sharks is their ability to smell, which helps them understand their surroundings. Sand tiger, nurse, black tip reef, lesser spotted dogfish, rock salmon, etc, are some of the shark species you will find here. The aquarium is also associated with various shark conservation trusts which help in conserving endangered species of these precious and intelligent creatures.

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Get your SEA Life London tickets and visit these adorable creatures and see them in their natural habitat playing around with each other. Penguins are one of the most adorable and sweetest creatures in the world and tourists of all ages find them interesting. One may feel different shifts in the climate setting within the zone as it keeps changing according to their natural habitat. The most famous species in the aquarium is the Gentoo Penguins who are the third largest species in the world.

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Coral reefs are one of the most misunderstood creatures of the aquatic world. Many think that they are planta but they are actually animals who are stuck together forming a plant shape structure. They cover less than 1 percent of the ocean but can be seen as a significant part of the marine ecosystem. There are several small creatures who are dependent on coral reefs for survival including clownfish, copper band butterflyfish, spiny lobster, and many more. The corals are very colorful in nature, which makes it a serene sight to observe.

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One of the cleverest marine creatures, Octopus is known for having three hearts, a big head, and eight long tentacles. With their smart brain they can trap or allure any type of prey they want. Octopuses eat everything from small fishes to crabs, they don’t really have any preference. At SEA Life Aquarium you will be able to witness UK origin Octopuses in different sizes. The main feature of these creatures is their boneless body, because of which they can enter and pass through the narrowest passage present in the sea.

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They are one of the most solid creatures of the oceans, as they are the ones who are left behind in the rainforest floods. They are the ones who feed on the buried and small creatures that are stuck in the red muddy waters after the flood ends. These creatures include big fish, Cuban crocodile, poison dart frogs, red belly piranhas, and many more. Most of the species of piranhas are vegetarian and survive on fruits and vegetables that grow in their surroundings.

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Get your SEA Life London tickets and observe the amazing and giant marine creature, rays. Rays are one of the most common marine animals which you can find in the ocean but unfortunately at the UK coast these species are becoming extinct and hence now counted as one of the endangered species. At SEA Life Aquarium London you will be able to discover three major species of rays including, Bowmouth, Undulated, and Stingrays. Among these undulate rays are the most adorable looking with their beautiful mottled coloring which helps them hide at the seabed from other predators.

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Know Before You Book SEA Life London Tickets

Essential Information

Location: Riverside Building, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7PB, United Kingdom

Timings: Friday-Wednesday: 930am-6pm, Thursday: 11am-6pm

Best time to visit: The best time to visit SEA Life Aquarium London is early hours when the place is open. The aquarium is bigger than it seems, hence, arriving early will give you more time to explore and understand the underwater world.

How to reach

By Train: London is well connected with trains and the nearest train station from SEA Life is waterloo. Exit from South Bank and walk forwards towards London Eye, and reach the County Hall, inside which the aquarium is located.

By Car: The nearest parking area from the aquarium is the Q-Park Westminster, and if you pre-book your spot at this parking space you will get a 15 percent discount.

By Bus: The nearest bus stops from the aquarium are Westminster Bridge Road or Waterloo. There are many buses coming from different directions of the city, from York Road (next to Waterloo and behind the Aquarium) take the 211, 77 or 381, For Belvedere Road (just behind the Aquarium, parallel to the South Bank), take the 77 or RV1, and from Westminster Bridge Road, take the 12, 53, 59, 76, 148, 159, 211 or 341.

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Sealife Aquarium London Tickets

FAQs of Sea Life London

Should I book SEA Life London tickets in advance?

It is not necessary to book in advance but it is advisable to do so, as SEA LIfe Aquarium London is one of the most popular attractions in the city, which makes it difficult to grab a ticket from the counter. With advance booking you will be able to book a time-slot with your favorable timings and can also avail various deals and discounts on the tickets, which makes it budget friendly.

How long should one spend inside SEA Life London?

To explore all the 14 theme zones inside the SEA Life, one can spend around 2-3 hours inside the aquarium. The place seems small but when you start exploring you get to realize that the place has much more to offer.

Why should I book SEA Life London tickets online?

It is recommended to book your SEA Life London tickets online, as you will get various deals and discounts on the tickets which will make your trip here more pocket friendly. Apart from this one will also be able to skip the long lines and get a direct entry inside the aquarium, making it more convenient for visitors.

What makes SEA Life Aquarium London so popular?

In 2005 a robotic fish development exhibit was held in SEA Life Aquarium London which was a huge success, making the aquarium one of the most popular attractions in the city. Offering 14 themed zones with over 500 species of marine life, the aquarium has gained itself a fair amount of popularity.

For how long are Sea Life London tickets valid?

Basic general admission ticket is valid for the time slot you have booked, apart from that other tickets are valid for one day, in which you can explore all the attractions inside the aquarium. The validity after you bought the tickets remains till the booking date that you have selected while booking the tickets.

What is the best time to visit SEA Life Aquarium London?

The best time to visit SEA Life Aquarium is during the early hours of the place, where you get more time and space to explore the place, especially on the weekdays.

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