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Palma Aquarium Tickets highlights

  • Visit the Palma Aquarium to see Europe's largest living coral collection and the Big Blue Tank, Europe’s deepest shark tank, housing a variety of shark species.

  • Enter the mesmerising Jellyfish Room and marvel at the graceful movements of various jellyfish species, highlighting their delicate beauty and unique evolution.

  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant Tropical Seas Exhibit, featuring exotic fish, colourful corals, and other marine creatures from tropical regions around the world.

  • Engage with marine life at the Interactive Touch Pools, where you can touch and learn about starfish, sea cucumbers, and other fascinating creatures.

  • Walk through the thrilling Underwater Tunnel for panoramic views of diverse marine ecosystems, surrounded by sharks, rays, and colourful fish.


Palma Aquarium
Carrer de Manuela de los Herreros, 21, 07610 Palma, Illes Balears, Spain

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Palma Aquarium Tickets overview

Activity Location: Palma Aquarium, Carrer de Manuela de los Herreros, Palma, Spain

Activity Timing: 10:00 AM- 5:30 PM

Last admission: 1 hour and 30 minutes before closing

Activity Duration: 3 Hours (Approx.)

About Palma Aquarium Spain:

Located in the heart of Palma de Mallorca is the Palma Aquarium which is home to more than 700 different species of marine animals, from majestic sharks to colorful clownfish. This giant aquarium offers a variety of interactive experiences that are both educational and fun for visitors. Book tickets to Palma Aquarium and enjoy a immersive 3D movie experience at the AquaDome Cinema with your family and friends. Stroll through the tropical rainforest of the Majorcan garden in Spain and visit theTropical Seas section which houses more than 70 species of coral species like surgeonfish, clownfish, pufferfish and many more.

About the Palma Aquarium Tickets:

  • Reach the activity location at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time and get ready for a journey at Palma Aquarium.
  • Admire the wonders of Europe's largest coral collection at Palma Aquarium in Spain.
  • Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience as you visit the deepest shark tank in Europe.
  • Interact with rays and sharks with the Shark Vision and Snorkel with Rays activities, while also learning more about their fascinating behavior and habitat.
  • Watch a film about humpback whales in 3D at the AquaDome Cinema theatre and enjoy a tour of the Palma Aquarium.
  • Explore an array of captivating aquatic life from the Pacific, Atlantic, and Mediterranean oceans, including clownfish and the striking black widow tetra, in the 25 aquariums of the Tropical Seas.
  • Book Palma Aquarium Tickets and see over 700 diverse species of marine life in their natural habitat.

How To Reach?

  • By Car: The activity location is 10.7 km from the city center, it will take 13 min via Av. de Gabriel Roca and Ma-19 route.
  • By Bus: Take a bus to 1356-Àrea d'intercanvi Aquàrium station which is 120 m away from the aquarium. You can reach the activity location from the bus station with a 2 minute walk.

Palma Aquarium Tickets faqs

What are the seasonal events or exhibits held at the Palma Aquarium?

  • Christmas and New Year's - During the holiday season, the aquarium is decorated with festive lights and offers special events and activities, such as visits from Santa Claus, Christmas carol singing, and New Year's Eve celebrations.
  • Easter - During Easter, the aquarium offers special events and activities for families, such as Easter egg hunts and interactive exhibits about egg-laying marine animals.
  • Summer Nights - During the summer months, the aquarium stays open late and offers special events and activities in the evenings, such as live music performances, themed parties, and educational talks.
  • Shark Week - The aquarium celebrates Shark Week with special exhibits and activities, such as shark feedings, interactive exhibits about different shark species, and educational talks about shark conservation.
  • Ocean Awareness Month - In June, the aquarium hosts events and activities to raise awareness about ocean conservation, such as beach cleanups, educational talks, and interactive exhibits about marine conservation.

What types of marine life can be seen in the Palma Aquarium?

Here are some of the types of marine life you can see at the aquarium:

  • Sharks - The aquarium has several species of sharks, including sand tiger sharks, bull sharks, and blacktip sharks. Visitors can observe them swimming in the Big Blue tank, which is one of the largest shark tanks in Europe.
  • Rays - The aquarium has a large tank dedicated to different species of rays, including cow nose rays and eagle rays. Visitors can see them gliding gracefully through the water.
  • Jellyfish - The aquarium has a dedicated jellyfish exhibit, which features several species of jellyfish, such as moon jellyfish, sea nettles, and upside-down jellyfish.
  • Seahorses - The aquarium has a seahorse exhibit, which showcases different species of seahorses and their unique adaptations.
  • Turtles - The aquarium is home to several species of sea turtles, including green turtles and loggerhead turtles. Visitors can learn about these ancient reptiles and their importance to marine ecosystems.
  • Coral Reefs - The aquarium has a replica of a coral reef ecosystem, which showcases the vibrant colors and diversity of coral and the many species that depend on them.

What is the Palma Aquarium's policy on sustainability?

The Palma Aquarium is committed to sustainable practices and reducing its environmental impact. The aquarium uses energy-efficient lighting and heating systems, recycles waste, and promotes sustainable seafood choices in its cafes and restaurants.

Which are the educational programs organised at Palma Aquarium?

Here are some of the educational programs offered:

  • Guided Tours - The aquarium offers guided tours of the exhibits, which are led by experienced educators who provide insight and information about the marine life and ecosystems on display.
  • Workshops - The aquarium offers workshops for children and adults, which provide hands-on learning experiences about marine biology and conservation.
  • Educational Talks - The aquarium hosts regular educational talks and presentations about marine life, conservation, and environmental issues.
  • School Visits - The aquarium welcomes school groups and offers tailored educational programs to meet the needs of different age groups and curriculum requirements.
  • Ocean Conservation Programs - The aquarium is committed to marine conservation and offers programs and initiatives to raise awareness about conservation issues and encourage sustainable practices.
  • Junior Marine Biologist Program - The aquarium offers a special program for children to learn about marine biology, ecology, and conservation. Participants receive a Junior Marine Biologist certificate upon completion of the program.

Can visitors go scuba diving in the Palma Aquarium?

Yes, visitors can go scuba diving in the Big Blue tank with a certified instructor. This is a unique and exciting way to experience the marine life up close.

How deep is the Palma Aquarium's Big Blue tank?

The Big Blue tank is 8.5 meters deep and holds over 3.5 million liters of seawater.


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