Overview of Aquarium of the Bay

Get your Aquarium of the Bay tickets in San Francisco Bay which is one of the popular destinations for tourists as the place reveals the stunning life under the water. The Aquarium of the Bay is a sea aquarium that has the largest diversity of marine animals in California with more than 20,000 animals. It is also one of the best places for scuba diving as you can get close to as many as 200 species of aquatic animals.

There are various galleries in the aquarium that house different species like Jellyfish, sharks, octopus, bat rays, etc. At the Touch the Bay gallery you can touch marine animals like leopard sharks and rays and get to know them closely. There are four river Otters at one of the galleries rescued from various places. It is said that if you find an otter then the waterway is clean, and hence the several Otters are proof that the San Francisco Bay waterway is clean.

With your Aquarium of the Bay tickets, you can walk through a glass tunnel that is 300 feet long. The tunnel is actually an aquarium of 700,000-gallon capacity where you can watch the animals swim over and besides on the other side of the glass.

Book Aquarium of the Bay Tickets Online

The Aquarium of the Bay tickets get sold out very quickly as the Aquarium of the Bay is one of the most popular places in San Francisco and thousands of people visit the aquarium every year. It is recommended to book your tickets in advance online and enjoy cost savings in addition to time saving. Along with other perks like instant confirmation, mobile vouchers, and excellent customer support, users can enjoy great discounts and deals on the prices of tickets.

Get to experience one of the most surreal places in San Francisco with your Aquarium of the Bay tickets and witness more than 20,000 aquatic animals in the aquarium. It will be one of the most educative and entertaining experiences of your life as you will be mesmerized by the life underwater and the coexistence of the creatures.

Attractions at Aquarium of the Bay

Discover the Bay
Discover the Bay

Discover the Bay is a gallery where there are seven different animal zones where you will get to know how the Aquarium of the Bay forms ecosystems and homes for the animals. You will get to see a lot of different fishes like the Orange Garibaldi, green Moray Eels, different types of rockfish, etc.

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Go with the flow
Go with the flow

Go with the flow is the section that is dominated by jelly fishes which will leave you hypnotized by their beauty with the ambiance made with mood lights. There are various tanks in this zone, one being a 725-gallon giant tank housing Moon Jellies, while another being a 740-gallon tank with Pacific Nettles.

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Under the Bay
Under the Bay

Under the Bay is a gallery where the visitors can explore what is under the water as they walk through the glass tunnels of 300 feet long. With your Aquarium of the Bay tickets, you can find a lot of fishes swimming above your head like sharks, anchovies, skates, bay rays, etc.

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Touch the Bay
Touch the Bay

Touch the Bay gallery is one of the most unique galleries of its kind as it allows the visitors to touch and interact with various sea animals. This experience will make you feel as if underwater life is at your fingertips. Some of the animals that you can touch are leopard sharks, bat rays, skates, sea stars and sea cucumbers.

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River otters
River otters

One of the marine creatures that you can watch with your Aquarium of the Bay tickets are the River Otters that hold a huge significance in the water system as they are an indication of clean waterways. In this gallery, you will find four river otters that were rescued from various parts of the world and they are proof that the San Francisco Bay has a clean waterway.

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Sea Lion Centre
Sea Lion Centre

The Sea Lion Center is located adjacent to PIER 39 and looks over the K-Dock in the Marina. This section is rich in California sea lions and you can get to know a lot of things about these creatures. Attend the free educational programs based on the natural history of sea lions of California and the current threats they face in their survival.

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Highlights of Aquarium of the Bay

Highlights of Aquarium of the Bay
  • With your Aquarium of Bay tickets, you can get to witness more than 20,000 marine animals at the San Francisco Bay.
  • Head over to the Sea Lion Centre where you can get an informative and educative experience about the creatures and the factors affecting them with the Aquarium of Bay tickets.
  • Get a chance to be friendly with the river Otters and the giant Pacific Octopus at the Aquarium of Bay.
  • Get a close look at the animals with your Aquarium of Bay as you walk through the 300 feet glass tunnel as the fish swim above your head.

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Know Before You Go Aquarium of the Bay

Essential Information
Essential Information

Location: The Embarcadero & Beach St, San Francisco, CA 94133, USATimings: 11 am to 6 pm

Best time to visit: The best time to visit the aquarium during the day is at 11 am as soon as they open as the crowd in the early hours remains less. The crowd and long queues usually start around noon, so make sure to reach the place before that. It is also suggested to visit the aquarium during weekdays when it is sparsely populated instead of weekends.

How to reach: By train: the nearest stations are the Embarcadero and Stockholm St. which you can reach by taking an L-Owl from Market St. and Beale St. By car: from Franklin St. it takes about 16 minutes to reach here if you hire a cab or taxi.

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FAQs for Aquarium of the Bay

Why is the Aquarium of the Bay so famous?

    The Aquarium of the Bay is famous because it is home to more than 20,000 marine animals. There are several species of marine animals like leopard sharks, bat rays, giant octopus, hypnotic jellyfish, anchovies, river otters, sea lions, etc. Visiting the aquarium not only fascinates you, but also educates you a lot about the marine creatures.

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