Aquarium Of Genoa, Italy

Aquarium of Genoa Overview

Being a part of the European conservation project, the Aquarium of Genoa tickets provide you access to one of the largest aquariums located in Italy and Europe. With over 70 tanks with the capacity to house more than 10,000 animals, this aquarium remains true to creating a replica of the living conditions apt for a variety of water animals, including the ones at the Antartic. This is a place where you can not only get to witness a lot of aquatic animals but also learn a lot of interesting facts about them. The park is filled with not only attractions, but also experiences worth checking out for a memorable time.

Whether it is getting close to the dolphins, visiting the biodiversity pavilion located in an abandoned ship, or experiencing what it is like to dine underwater, guests can witness the diverse and rich aquatic life and learn more about underwater life. Located at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, this aquarium also houses one of the world's largest endemic biodiversity, thanks to the pavilion dedicated to the Mediterranean Sea and Madagascar. Guests can also witness what it is like to undertake research projects to discover interesting secrets of underwater life.

Book Aquarium of Genoa Tickets Online

Booking Aquarium of Genoa tickets in advance can help beat the waiting time in the queue and negate the possibility of not getting a ticket when you arrive on the spot to buy one. The Aquarium of Genoa tickets guarantees entry into the park if booked online. Visitors must arrive on time at the venue based on the given time slot for entering. You can scan your Aquarium of Genoa tickets from your phone directly upon entry at the turnstiles.

Once the Aquarium of Genoa tickets are booked, they are valid only for the date and time slot you have chosen. The Aquarium of Genoa tickets can be changed 24 hours before the time slot. Kids aged between 4 to 12 and senior citizens aged 65 and above can get a discounted pass upon showing an identity, whereas, guests below 4 can enter the park for free. Aquarium guarantees only limited tickets in a day, so it is recommended to buy Aquarium of Genoa tickets in advance.

What to See at the Aquarium of Genoa?

  • Night With The Sharks: Guided tour for kids aged between 7 to 11 takes them up close to sharks to understand more about their behavior in the dark, along with spending a night with them.
  • Face To Face With Dolphins: Interact with dolphins and learn about how they are treated, along with watching them perform some exercises.
  • Planet Aquarius: Discover more than 10,000 animals from different ecosystems spread around the world. You can also get a glimpse of Genoa city from a 40-meter panoramic lift.
  • Aquarium Only: With over 10,000 varieties to look at, the Aquarium of Genoa is a great way to learn about the unique water creatures and develop a sense of awareness about them.
  • Galat Aquarius: Learn about the history of the sea and how humans have utilized the potential of sailing by visiting the Nazario Sauro- Italy's first museum ship on the water.

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Know Before You Go Aquarium of Genoa

Essential Information
Dining And Food
  • Location: Ponte Spinola, 16128 Genova GE, Italy
  • Timings:Monday to Friday: 11 AM to 7 PMWeekends & public holidays: 9 AM to 8 PM
  • Best Time to Visit: Winter season (November to February) would be the best time to visit. In case you are planning to visit in peak season or holidays, book an early slot to skip the crowds.
  • How to reach:

1. Bus: Aquarium is well connected by buses with Porto Antico and Caricamento being the closest bus stops. The park is 2 minutes away from these bus stops.

2. Train: Darsena and San Giorgia are the closest railway stations connected by MM train line, located 2 minutes away from the Aquarium of Genoa.

3. Car: Genoa Aquarium offers a 24 hours parking facility with more than 150 parking spaces, including parking spots for disabled guests. It is a paid parking spot and money is collected based on an hourly basis.

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  • Face to Face with Dolphins: Available everyday, this is a guided tour where guests can witness dolphins as close as possible. This is also a chance where you can get to know how the trainers interact with the dolphins on a daily basis.
  • Learn about Dolphin's Health Checks: This attraction will introduce you to methods involved in the maintenance of the dolphin's wellbeing.
  • Observation Session on Animals: Witness a variety of water animals from an elevated deck that is originally used for study and research purposes. Guests can also give instructions to the dolphins while the dolphins respond to them.

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  • Aquarium of Genoa + food: Check out the views of Genoa port while you try out the local cuisine in the form of Ligurian specialties in the form of breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the BarTender Cafe.This ticket can be purchased along with the Aquarium of Genoa tickets when booked online, and it guarantees entry to the experience.
  • Dining Under The Sea: Enjoy a 3-course seafood meal while you are surrounded by dolphins in this unique dining experience. Also, get a chance to witness the performance of soprano Katerina for a wholesome and magical experience for its visitors.

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Highlights of Aquarium of Genoa, Italy

  • Enter one of the largest aquariums in Italy and Europe by skipping the line and the time taken to buy tickets on the spot.
  • Get a glimpse of a variety of wildlife, like stingrays, manatees, dolphins, and more than 10,000 sea creatures and animals spread across more than 50 venues in a wide exhibition space.
  • Learn about the water animals while you have a fun-filled time exploring the park, along with discovering interesting myths about these creatures.
  • Explore the aquarium in an old and abandoned ship located in the old port of Genoa, Italy.

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FAQs For Aquarium of Genoa, Italy

Why is the Aquarium of Genoa in Italy so famous?

Apart from being one of the largest aquariums in Italy, the Aquarium of Genoa is also a home to one of the largest ecosystems in Europe. With more than 10,000 animals and 600 species like jellyfish, sharks, penguins and dolphins, the park is loaded with several unique experiences that are worth visiting for a memorable time.

Is advance booking of Aquarium of Genoa tickets necessary?

The Aquarium of Genoa receives a limited number of guests everyday. Booking Aquarium of Genoa tickets in advance guarantees entry along with the chance of skipping the time taken at the waiting lines for buying the tickets on the spot. Also, online booking is the only way to enter the park during weekends and holidays, so online booking is recommended.

Is the price for Aquarium of Genoa tickets the same for everyone?

The ticket price for the Aquarium of Genoa varies depending upon the age. Guests aged between 4 to 12 and senior citizens aged 65 years and above can get a discounted ticket after producing an ID proof upon entry into the park. Guests below 4 years and enter the park free of cost, and others will have to buy the Aquarium of Genoa tickets at the original price.

Are there discounts available on Aquarium of Genoa tickets?

Discounted tickets are available only for guests aged between 4 to 12 years and guests aged 65 years and above. They have to show an ID proof at the entrance to claim the discount.

Can I book Aquarium of Genoa tickets Online?

The Aquarium of Genoa offers online booking facilities with a provision of choosing between a normal entry ticket or a ticket that comes with a lunch option. You can avail this provision if you are planning to buy your Aquarium of Genoa tickets online.


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