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Sea Life Birmingham Overview

Discover enthralling experiences of the aquatic ecosystem at Birmingham Sea Life and go on an adventure of closely watching the sea creatures with the Sea Life Birmingham tickets. Be a part of the majestic and lively escapades of Penguin Ice Adventure, Interactive Rockpool, 4D cinemas and more. You can also explore deadly Piranhas, poisonous dart frogs and other 2,000 magical and hypnotic creatures with Sea Life Birmingham Tickets. Witness the amazing and fascinating marine activities and daily antics of the slime, larger than life sharks, vibrant Jellyfish, Gentoo Penguins, seals, starfish, Asian small clawed otters and their exciting aquatic life.

Along with your loved ones, explore the magic of exuberant Sea life Birmingham tickets to enjoy the underwater wonders. Also you can encounter the center of Birmingham which offers 360 ocean tunnels, a rare phenomenon of sea life at Birmingham. Discover the underwater mysteries and lesser known life of the sea and closely watch the ecstatic and breathtaking aquatic fauna all around your walkway.

With Sea Life Birmingham Tickets, you can take a peek at the major attraction of forested seals residency, one of the newly designed environments which spreads approx 2 floors.

Book Sea Life Birmingham Tickets Online

With Sea Life Birmingham Tickets, you can expect a journey full of amazement as you get to explore the Rainforests, 4D cinema graphics, Aquarium Zones, 2000+ underwater creatures, Interactive Rockpool, 360° Ocean tunnels and all in all a one of a kind experience. Also learn about the mysteries, adventures and attractions of aquatic life with your loved ones. Avail the tickets and get enchanted with the intriguing underwater world while on a tour with starfishes, jellyfishes, turtles, penguins, piranhas and other ecstatic creatures.

Delight yourself and your loved ones by the wonders of Sea Life and exuberating adventure after booking Sea Life Birmingham Tickets. With online booking, you no longer need to wait in long queues,be worried about unsure bookings and hassles in the process. Get easy bookings done with sure shot availability of the tickets, timely assurance and best discounts. Grab group deals and combos for everything you need with every booking.

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Why to Book Sea Life Birmingham Tickets Online?

Book Sea Life Birmingham Tickets Online without waiting in queues, for the ecstatic experience of knowing the sea life in detail can now be totally avoided. Do not delay in long lines, or waste time in crowded entry points. Skip the line and buy the Sea Life Birmingham Tickets at our portal.

You can avail the best discounts and book Sea life at Birmingham at favorable prices. You get the best deals, combos and offers with the most inclusions in our prices for Sea Life Birmingham Tickets. Explore the best seasonal deals, and group discounts well in advance at the time of planning.

While booking the Sea Life Birmingham tickets you get early access to every activity, adventure, tourist spot and everything in between. Also you get to avoid crowded times even on the busiest of weekends with your early access tickets. Be assured of the bookings, and do not miss on activities and adventures for the wonders of Birmingham Sea life.

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Explore Zones at Sea Life Birmingham

Penguin Ice Adventure

Delve into the Antarctic landscapes, and see the adventures and playfulness of Gentoo Penguins. The thrills and icy adventures with our flipper friends are all consuming. They will take you to the extreme frozen sites, and you can easily hear their trumpeting sounds all around. It is also worth knowing that all the penguins here are threatened species on the IUCN red list.

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Reef Edge

Get a glimpse and feel of the wholesome ecosystem of the rainforests here. Along with it celebrate the elated vibrant colors of the Reef world. The magical designs and wonders of the colors inside the sea are all breathtaking and add volumes of creativity in nature.

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Tropical Ocean

Walk through the tunnel with Shark Lagoon and bamboo sharks. At the Tropical Ocean you can exclusively experience the amazing surroundings of the only place of breeding for Blackchin Guitarfish. Here are some of the species that are only found in the warmer waters of the tropical ocean. Explore the wonders and unmistakable beauty of oceanic life altogether.

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Know the microhabitat in detail about the extended ecosystem of the sea, created by the water of tides that is left behind. These Rock pools are shallow and have to adjust to the new tides and their temperatures that run over every time. Experience life thriving in these rock pools with creatures like sea stars, anemones, urchins and much more.

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Clownfish Kingdom

The clownfish kingdom gives a sneak peek into the coral reefs and other vibrant creatures underwater. You get to experience a very active and fascinating life, when booking Sea Life Birmingham Tickets.

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Bay of Rays

In the bay of rays you get to see the best sight to hold and explore the world of rays. Get captivated by the Native thornback, Blonde and Painted rays all around and get an expert overview of the Rays. Know facts and information and bust myths around the popular beliefs like they are not electricity generators. Grow your brains with overflowing information about the fellow creatures in detail.

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Kingdom of the Seahorses

Get amazed by the sound of these wonderfully created seahorses, as how these rare creatures feed is a phenomenon in itself and is also called finger-clicking. Also did you know that these seahorses are the only species whose males brood their babies. Some species and varieties are rare enough to be available only in 2 countries, worldwide.

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Jelly Invader

Get stunned with the mesmerizing and fulfilling experience of encountering a jellyfish dancing, with its vibrant colors and beauty. The dazzling creatures are quite a wonder as they are the resilient survivors, even outliving dinosaurs. But with delight comes the stingers of these amazing varieties of Moon Jellyfish, Sarlacc Jellyfish, and Sea Nettle Jellyfish.

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Ocean Tunnel

With the Sea Life Birmingham Tickets, get the best of aquatic fauna, the incredible creatures and a whole new spectrum of living worlds underwater. The hypnotizing delight of walking beside a dolphin, shark and reefs is enchanting. Delight your loved ones with mysteries of the ocean.

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Rescue Facility

Explore new territories and unknown life inside the sea, and know in detail about the life happening around. The carefully designed underwater structure symbolizes a natural habitat for the mammals and other creatures. Here you can experience a tactile encounter with multiple touchpoints and observation decks to form a world class live working rescue facility.

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Highlights For Sea Life Birmingham

  • Delve into the mysterious underwater life of a magnificent variety of sea creatures approx to 2000.
  • Experience the 4-D motion graphics and cinema in a 12-minute tale of adventure of the Pufferfish and friends on how to find the lucky pebble.
  • Explore the rainforests and closely watch the antics of submerged ecosystems and therein the humongous possibilities.
  • With Sea Life Birmingham Tickets dive in the wonders of various aquarium zones to find the majestic life underneath the sea.
  • Immerse yourself in the tactile viewing encounters to get educated, and know the unknown territories at length.

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Know Before You Book Sea Life Birmingham

Essential Information
Creatures at Sea Life Birmingham

Timings: 10am - 4pm

Location: National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham, The Water's Edge, Brindleyplace, Birmingham, West MidlandsB1 2HL

How to Reach: -

There are numerous easy and accessible ways to reach Birmingham Sea life.

  • By Train - The nearest train stations are Birmingham New Street and Birmingham Snow Hill. Proper signages and instructions are available for the ICC (International Convention Center) and Arena Birmingham. There are regular and frequent trains by West Midlands Railway from Wolverhampton, Hereford, and Stratford to Birmingham's New Street and Moor Street stations. The nearest tram station is just a 2 minute walk.
  • By Car - With a personal or rented car arrive at M6 Jct 6 or M5 Jct 3 by following the appropriate signages. The City center and the Arena Birmingham are the essential location spots. You can easily park away your car besides the Utilita Arena Birmingham Sheepcote St, Birmingham B16 8AE.
  • By Bus - Reach Broad Street with Buses 1,9,10,22,23,24,29,29a,126. Any bus with ICC (International Convention Centre) and The Barclaycard Arena is appropriate to board on, so you reach to experience the Sea Life Birmingham Tickets.

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  • Invade and Explore these creatures with the Sea Life Birmingham Tickets!
  • Gentoo Penguins
  • Clownfish
  • Turtles
  • Sea Otters
  • Sharks
  • Rays
  • Jellyfish
  • Rockpool Creatures
  • Seahorse & Pipefish
  • Eels

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FAQs For Sea Life Birmingham

What would be the price of Sea Life Birmingham Tickets?

The price for the Sea Life Birmingham Tickets is approximately £20-£30 per person. You can club the tickets with other activities and have group rates per person for combined activities.

Are any discounts available on Sea Life Birmingham Tickets?

There are various deals and discounts available as per seasons on direct booking of Sea Life Birmingham Tickets. While booking you can also get better discounts and deals with combos and adding more activities to your experiences.

Why is Sea Life Birmingham so famous?

The Sea life Birmingham is famous because it allows the exploration of mysterious sea marvels, with 2000 plus creatures with their antics, and their playfulness.

What to wear at Sea Life Birmingham?

It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing and shoes especially considering that you might have to walk around the Sea Life of Birmingham all day. Also as per the latest updates, the UK officials have also removed the usage of Masks after the Covid.

Is Wheelchair accessible at Sea Life Birmingham ?

Yes, wheelchair and other disability access are available at Sea Life Birmingham. You also have access to Toilets, baby changing room, buggies and eatables here.


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