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SEA LIFE Orlando Tickets highlights

  • Visit Sea LIFE Orlando Aquarium and see over 250 unique species, from fearsome sharks to graceful rays and enchanting sea turtles

  • Experience the thrill of walking through our state-of-the-art 360° Ocean Tunnel, surrounded by majestic marine life

  • Journey to the Indian Ocean exhibit and encounter exotic species that call this diverse ecosystem home

  • Get mesmerized by the enchanting Jelly Wall, where ethereal jellyfish gracefully float and radiate with a rainbow of colors

  • Book your Sea LIFE Orlando Aquarium tickets and see sharks and stingrays showcase their impressive hunting skills at Feeding Frenzy 


SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium
8449 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819, USA

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SEA LIFE Orlando Tickets overview

SEA LIFE Orlando Location: ICON Park, 8449 International Dr, Orlando, FL

SEA LIFE Orlando Operational Hours:

  • Sunday-Thursday: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  • Friday-Saturday: 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Duration: 1-2 hours

Last Admission: 1 hour before closing time

About the SEA LIFE Orlando:

Experience the wonders of Florida's vibrant marine life at the SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium, where you'll have the chance to encounter over 5000 fascinating sea animals. Explore the five captivating exhibits and immerse yourself in the underwater world, including a hands-on interactive touch pool that will leave you with a deeper appreciation for these incredible animals. Get the SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium tickets and gain insightful knowledge from the proficient dive team about ocean conservation, breeding, rescue, and protection of its magnificent creatures.

About the SEA LIFE Orlando Tickets:

  • Start your tour to the aquarium by exploring the Coastal Rockpool, where you can observe fascinating eels, octopuses, and other fascinating deep-sea species.
  • Visit the Jellyfish Discoveries exhibit to enter the world of beautiful jellyfish and be amazed by their motions and vivid colors.
  • Explore the colorful coral reefs of the Indian Ocean at the Indian Ocean exhibit, where you'll encounter a diverse array of marine life.
  • Interact with the pleasant tangs, also known as surgeonfish or doctorfish, and watch the ultimate feeding frenzy at the aquarium.
  • See the fascinating creatures that inhabit Florida's freshwater streams and lakes at the 360-degree tunnel, including seahorses, stingrays, and the eponymous weedy sea dragons.
  • Also, take a stroll in the Pacific Wreck exhibit, where you can explore the sunken ruins of a shipwreck.
  • With SEA LIFE Orlando tickets, have an unforgettable day of entertainment exploring the lifestyle of aquatic animals.

How to Reach?

  • By Car: The meeting location is at a distance of 10 miles from the city center. You can reach the destination in 14 minutes by car.
  • By Train: Take the train to Gare de l'Est mainline train station; from here your destination is 2.9 miles away and can be reached in approximately 6 minutes by car.

SEA LIFE Orlando Tickets faqs

Which are the different zones at SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium?

The different zones at SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium include:

  • Indian Ocean: This zone features the blacktip reef shark exhibit, where visitors can see these sharks up close as they swim among the colorful coral reef.
  • Pacific Ocean: This zone features the giant Pacific octopus exhibit, where visitors can observe these intelligent creatures in their natural habitat.
  • Atlantic Ocean: This zone features the sea turtle exhibit, which is home to rescued sea turtles and provides an opportunity to learn about marine conservation efforts.
  • Ocean Tunnel: This zone features a 360-degree tunnel that offers a unique underwater viewing experience, allowing visitors to see sharks, rays, and other marine life swim overhead.
  • Jellyfish Discovery: This zone features the jellyfish exhibit, where visitors can see different species of jellyfish and learn about their unique characteristics.
  • Stingray Cove: This zone features the cownose ray exhibit, where visitors can touch and feed these gentle creatures.
  • Rockpools: This zone features interactive touchpools that allow visitors to get hands-on with various marine creatures such as starfish, sea urchins, and crabs.

How does SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium contribute to marine conservation efforts?

  • Breeding and Rescue Programs: The aquarium participates in a number of breeding and rescue programs for endangered or threatened species, such as sea turtles, seahorses, and rays.
  • Education and Awareness: SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium aims to educate visitors about the importance of marine conservation and raise awareness about the threats facing our oceans through interactive exhibits, talks, and workshops.
  • Sustainable Practices: The aquarium is committed to reducing its environmental impact through sustainable practices, such as using energy-efficient lighting and water conservation measures.
  • Supporting Conservation Organizations: SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium supports a number of conservation organizations through donations and partnerships, including the SEA LIFE Trust, which works to protect marine habitats and species around the world.
  • Plastic Reduction Initiatives: The aquarium is committed to reducing the amount of plastic waste that ends up in the ocean through initiatives such as using reusable bags and cups in the café and encouraging visitors to bring their own water bottles.

What are the types of species are there at SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium?

  • Sharks: Sand tiger sharks, nurse sharks, blacktip reef sharks, and zebra sharks.
  • Rays: Southern stingrays, cownose rays, and spotted eagle rays.
  • Fish: Various species of fish, including seahorses, clownfish, lionfish, and angelfish.
  • Octopuses: Pacific octopuses and giant Pacific octopuses.
  • Crustaceans: Hermit crabs, horseshoe crabs, and cleaner shrimp.
  • Reptiles: Green sea turtles and diamondback terrapins.
  • Jellyfish: Moon jellyfish and Atlantic sea nettles.
  • Coral: Soft coral and hard coral.

Are there any special events or activities for children at SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium?

  • Sea Turtle Festival: This annual event celebrates sea turtles with special activities, interactive exhibits, and educational programs for children.
  • Shark Week: During this event, visitors can learn about sharks through interactive exhibits, games, and presentations.
  • Touch Tank Experience: Children can get up close and personal with marine creatures in the touch tank experience, where they can touch and hold starfish, sea urchins, and more.
  • Birthday Parties: SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium offers birthday party packages that include a private room, a guided tour, and other fun activities for children.
  • Junior Aquarist Program: This program is designed for children ages 6-12 who are interested in learning more about marine life. Participants receive a certificate of completion

Can I take photos at SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium?

Yes, you are welcome to take photos at SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium, but the use of flash photography is not allowed as it can disturb the animals.


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