Sea Life Oberhausen

Overview of Sea Life Oberhausen

Get your hands on Sea Life Oberhausen tickets and enjoy an underwater day with your friends or family. The Oberhausen is one of the fascinating tourist attractions of the city of Oberhausen. In this largest underwater world in the country, you can discover the best and huge variety of species from all over the world. Sea Life Oberhausen tickets allow you to visit the core of the largest shark nursery in Germany which is one of the famous family-friendly aquariums.

The best thing is that here you can experience marine life hidden in oceans, lakes, and rivers across the globe. Also, you can explore the different passages of the aquarium and discover a wide range of amazing creatures like starfish, clown fish & manta rays among others. One of the big hits here is the shark nursery, which has a glass tunnel through it and visitors can witness the powerful creatures. The tunnel also has a small dome, where you can get your head in and experience swimming with the animals in the aquarium.

Book Sea Life Oberhausen Tickets Online

Getting the Sea Life Oberhausen tickets online will allow you to interact with the sea creatures. The Sea Life Oberhausen ticket will give you a chance to learn about the distinct creatures. You also get a chance to visit Germany’s most significant sea aquarium and learn fascinating facts about the sea creatures at SEA LIFE’s daily feedings and talks. It is advisable to book your Sea Life Oberhausen tickets online and skip-the-line. Also, get a ride on a glass-bottom boat to watch the tropical ocean.

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Why To Book Sea Life Oberhausen Tickets Online?

- Skip the Line Tickets- Get your Sea Life Oberhausen ticket in advance and save an ample amount of time by skipping the ticket line as you get access to the inside easily. Booking the Sea Life Oberhausen ticket online will also help you to have a hassle-free experience and enjoy the best underwater adventure and explore more about different species.

- Discount- Book the Sea Life Oberhausen Tickets Online and get a chance to grab exciting deals and offers. You can also check on some exciting combo offers while confirming your visit to the Sea Life Oberhausen.

- Early Access- Book your Sea Life Oberhausen Tickets Online and skip spending and wasting time by standing in the queue and waiting for your turn. The Sea Life Oberhausen Tickets help you to avoid the main entry line and get inside directly to explore the centre.

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Explore Zones at Sea Life Oberhausen


Explore the river rhine and get a chance to glance at the majestic inhabitants like the common carp and the wels catfish. The fish is the largest freshwater fish in Europe and the best part is the older they get and the heavier they become.

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Flowstone Cave

Getting into the flowstone cave will make you discover the fascinating Axolotl and Astyanax jordani. The point is they are actually not fish but amphibians and occur exclusively in Lake Xochimilco and Lake Chalco near Mexico City.

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From the coastal waters discover the Congo pufferfish and Mediterranean slipper lobster. The pufferfish is more than double its volume in a flash and the lobster has shades of light brown-red and can grow up to 45 cm long.

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In the harbour, the octopus and Moray eel love to dawdle. The eel looks very dangerous with sharp teeth, but they are shy at heart. They are mostly hidden in their burrows. The octopus is one of the fascinating creatures here and is intelligent as a dog.

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Swarm Ring

Discover the mackerels and garden eel here! The eels don’t like to live alone so they are found in colonies of thousands. The mackerel are from the Scombridae and occur in big swarms with no air bladders.

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In this zone a Seahorse and its best friend, a mandarin fish. The seahorse is a permanent eater and is about 10 cm tall. The Mandarin fish is classy, and an attention seeker with its colorful appearance.

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This is the home of jellyfish, which are found in all oceans as well as in the North & Baltic seas. The most graceful thing about the jellyfish is that they move by pulling their hoods together. They often drift with the current and can speed up to 10 Kms per hour.

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North Sea Ground

The grounds of the North Sea are home to thornback rays and nursehounds. This big cat shark is an intelligent creature and can smell and sense clearly. They are on the grounds during the day and become active at night. The thornback ray is the next relative of sharks with no skeletons. They are experts in adapting their pigmentation to the seabed and merging with it.

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World of Otters

The world of otters will take you to a group of cute inhabitants. The Asian small-clawed otter and European pond turtle are members of this small world. The turtle is also known as ‘Emys Orbicularis’ and is the only native turtle species in Germany. The otter is covered with over 50,000 hairs per square cm. Get the Sea Life Oberhausen tickets and witness the play and juggle of the cute and fluffy otters.

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Pirate Ship

This ship will take you to the surgeonfish and Amphiprion. They are born male but when any existing female dies the male turns into a female within a week to continue the hereditary. This is one of the strongest transformations in the universe. The surgeonfish is very jumpy and has sharp teeth outside the lip to scrape the algae and stones to feed themselves.

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Highlights For Sea Life Oberhausen

  • Sea Life Oberhausen tickets will allow you to visit the world-famous and biggest shark-breeding aquarium in Germany.
  • Here you can have a real-time underwater experience with the youngest breeds of black-tip sharks, rays, and catsharks among other marine creatures.
  • Meet the majestic species across the globe just in the 148 sqm-large shallow water basins.
  • The experience is spiked with the creatures swimming all around you at the underwater dome.
  • Get the Sea Life Oberhausen tickets and hear the fascinating facts at the aquarium.
  • Head over to the glass tunnel aquarium for the lifetime experience of the underwater inhabitants.
  • Hop on the glass-bottom boat to witness the Sharks, rays, and turtles swimming right below you

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Know Before You Go Sea Life Oberhausen

- Location: Zum Aquarium 1, 46047 Oberhausen, Germany

- Timings: 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM (Monday to Sunday)

- How to reach:-

- By Car: You can start from the A42 and take the exit "Neue Mitte", from there you can simply follow the SEA LIFE signs. The distance from Neue Mitte to Sea Life is just 45 - 50m and you can reach there within 5 minutes.

- By Public Transport: If you are taking public transport, then Oberhausen is the main station, and all buses and streetcars leave from bus platform 1 to the "Neue Mitte" stop. From Neue Mitte, the distance is just 45 - 50m and you can reach there within 5 minutes.

- By Train: Oberhausen is connected with ICE international with 7 connections a day. After reaching the Oberhausen, head to bus platform C and catch the bus to Sea Life, or catch the bus to Neue Mitte from platform 1. Neue Mitte is at a walking distance of 5 minutes from the Oberhausen.

- Shop: To have a memory of your adventurous and exciting visit to Sea Life Oberhausen, take the beautiful souvenir from the store home with you. Here you will get a good collection of bags, soft toys, clothes, and much more exciting stuff at reasonable prices.

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FAQs For Sea Life Oberhausen

How much time do we need to explore Sea Life Oberhausen?

The time of your visit to Sea Life Oberhausen is limited only to 90 minutes. So get your hands on the Sea Life Oberhausen Tickets and explore the underwater world.

What would be the price of Sea Life Oberhausen Tickets?

The average price of Sea Life Oberhausen Tickets is around 20.50€ per adult (15+), while if you book the entrance ticket inclusive of the Photo Pass, it will be around 23.50€ per adult (15+). Also, you can book the exciting combo which includes a pass for SEA LIFE + LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Oberhausen for just 29.50€ per person.

Are any discounts available on Sea Life Oberhausen Tickets?

Yes, discounts are available on Sea Life Oberhausen Tickets. Book your tickets online from our website and get a chance to grab exciting offers and discounts. You can also get your hands on highly demanded combos.

Why is the Sea Life Oberhausen so famous?

The Sea Life Oberhausen gives you an opportunity to dive into an amazing underwater world. Here you can have a lifetime experience, discovering the youngest breed of catsharks, blacktip reef sharks, and rays among other sea creatures.

Is a Wheelchair accessible at Sea Life Oberhausen?

The Sea Life Oberhausen is a barrier-free property and has an elevator that makes all levels accessible via wheelchair.


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