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Sea Life Manchester Overview

If you wish to have a personal encounter with the beautiful marine species, you must book Sea Life Manchester Tickets. Sea Life Manchester showcases around five thousand aquatic creatures and has some of the most interactive exhibits. Walk through the underwater tunnel and see the sharks, rays, and jellyfish swimming overhead you. You can also attend fun talks, demonstrations, and feeding presentations.

The most unique exhibit is the Rocky Hideout, where moray eels are ready to frighten you with their long and sharp teeth, and mantis shrimps will punch out their claws if they get annoyed. Stay awe-struck as you see real-life mermaids swimming in the ocean tank with the giant sea green turtles. Explore the eleven themed zones that 'll take you on an exciting journey from the ocean's depths to the coasts.

Don't miss out on Turtle Beach, a unique 3D projection experience wherein you can get to know about the life cycle of sea turtles. You can also opt for a behind-the-scenes tour to know about the inner workings of the aquarium. Meet the aquarium's famous residents, the Japanese Spider Crabs, and giant green sea turtles, Cammy and Ernie.

Book Sea Life Manchester Tickets Online

Book Sea Life Manchester tickets online and get a chance to meet around five thousand aquatic species in thirty display tanks. Walk through the fascinating tunnel and see the sharks, eels, and countless other marine species waving at you in delight. The Sea Life Manchester tickets give you access to eleven different zones where you can encounter the world's most incredible sea animals and their unique habitat. Little ones can explore the immersive tank display and mini caves at the Rocky Hideout. Explore the shark shipwreck zone and see lionfish, pufferfish, and reef lobster hiding in a recreated shipwreck habitat.

Why to Book Sea Life Manchester Tickets Online?

By booking the Sea Life Manchester tickets online, you can get direct entry to the attraction, and you won't have to waste your time waiting for hours at the ticket counter to get your physical passes. You just need to show a copy of your ticket at the ticket counter, go through the security check, and you can enter the attraction without any hassle.

One of the prime benefits of booking the Sea Life Manchester tickets online is that you can get crazy discounts and avail of the best offers. You can check out our website before booking the tickets, as we're running lucrative deals and offers from time to time.

Another benefit of booking the Sea Life Manchester Tickets online is that you can skip the lines at the ticket counter and directly enter the attraction. It will save you from standing in long queues and allow you to walk directly into the attraction.

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Explore Zones at Sea Life Manchester

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach is one of the most interactive zones at Sea Life Manchester, as it offers you an insight into the life cycle of a sea turtle through a unique 3D projection. You will get to know how mother turtles lay eggs, hatches them and how the hatchlings grow into juveniles and adults.

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Rocky Hideout

Discover how life is in the underwater caves of the world at Rocky Hideout. It has immersive tank displays and mini caves inhabited by four different species of moray eels, reef lobster, and peacock mantis shrimp. Beware, the long and sharp teeth of moray eels might frighten you, and if you annoy the mantis shrimps, they might punch out their claws.

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Jellyfish Seas

Jellyfish Seas promises a sensory extravaganza and kaleidoscopic displays as you can see here mesmerizing sea nettle jellyfish inside a color-changing tank. As these charismatic creatures move, the entire tank changes its color offering the visitors a magical view. Purple-striped, moon, and comb jellies are a few of the many varieties on display.

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Shark Shipwreck

Shark Shipwreck is a unique exhibit that gives you a chance to dive into the ocean's depths and discover the majestic sea creatures without getting wet. It has been recreated like a shipwreck habitat and houses lionfish, pufferfish, and debelius reef lobster.

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Coral Reefs

Coral reefs exhibit a diverse marine ecosystem, filled with invertebrates and colorful fish that are found nowhere else on Earth. Learn how coral reefs form, discover their life cycle and how they represent a mutually beneficial partnership between algae and a colony-building ocean animal.

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Ocean Tunnel

Step inside the ocean tunnel to have unbelievable views of the most notorious creatures like sharks, tangs, green sea turtles, and rays. Marvel at the sharks swimming underneath and overhead you and wave at the Humphead Napoleon Wrasse and cow nose stingrays as you walk through the tunnel.

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Ocean Window

From spider crabs to sharks and stingrays, there are lots of wonderful and weird creatures that live in the depths of the ocean. Ocean Window gives you a glimpse of the tropical ocean tank that is inhabited by thousands of colorful fish and beautiful aquatic creatures. It also features a sub-aqua soft play area where the kids can have a deep-sea adventure.

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Stingray Bay

Step inside Stingray Bay and watch the beautiful stingrays flying through the water showing their swimming prowess. You can dip your hand in the tank to feel their unique skin and feed them shrimp and fish. Meet pufferfish, a variety of tangs and sharks, and a whole school of rays!

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Sea Ranger

Sea Ranger zone will transport you to the age of dinosaurs with its impressive collection of fossils and artifacts. See the amazing ranger creatures like west African lungfish and axolotl and learn how they evolved. You can also learn how these creatures have adapted over the years to thrive and survive in this world.

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Find out how it feels to touch scarlet cleaner shrimps and crabs in the interactive rockpool zone. This interactive exhibit also gives you a chance to learn about the eating habits and behavioral patterns of the rockpool creatures. Stay amazed as you see the chocolate chip starfish that has brown chocolate drops all over its body.

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Highlights for Sea Life Manchester

  • Get ready for a unique marine adventure by visiting Sea Life Manchester, one of the best aquariums in England.
  • You can spot more than five thousand aquatic creatures in their unique habitat.
  • Don't miss out on rockpool, an interactive exhibit that gives you a chance to touch a variety of fascinating marine creatures.
  • Walk through the giant ocean tunnel and see the aquarium's largest sharks swimming overhead you.
  • Step inside the Sea Ranger zone to witness an impressive collection of fossils and artifacts.
  • You can also attend talk shows and demonstrations to know how you can play a vital role in conserving the environment.

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Know Before You Book Sea Life Manchester

Essential Information
Creatures at Sea Life Manchester
  • Location: Barton Square The Trafford Centre, Stretford M17 8AS England
  • Timings: 10 am to 5 pm (Monday to Sunday)
  • How to reach:

1. By Car: Exit the M60 highway at Junction 10 or 9, then follow the signs to Trafford Centre. Park your car at the nearest parking center and walk for around five minutes to reach Sea Life Manchester.

2. By Bus: From the city center, you can take bus no X50 that will drop you at Trafford Centre. From Trafford Centre, you'll have to walk for around five minutes to reach Sea Life Manchester.

3. By Train: Manchester Piccadilly is the closest train station to Sea Life Manchester. Reach Manchester Piccadilly and catch the 250 bus that will drop you at Trafford Centre. From Trafford Centre, you'll have to walk for around five minutes to reach Sea Life Manchester.

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At Sea Life Manchester, you can see around five thousand aquatic creatures, including turtles, sharks, eels, seahorses, stingrays, jellyfish, Japanese spider crabs, and rockpool creatures.

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FAQs For Sea Life Manchester

How much time do we need to explore Sea Life Manchester?

You'll need at least two to three hours to explore Sea Life Manchester as it has various zones and tons of activities on offer, and you must have optimum time at hand to fully explore the attraction.

What would be the price of Sea Life Manchester Tickets?

Sea Life Manchester tickets will cost around £17.50 to £ 24 per adult. Anytime entry ticket will cost £26.95 per adult, and it will offer you unlimited access to the attraction for a year.

Are any discounts available on Sea Life Manchester Tickets?

You'll have to visit our website to check if any current discounts or offers are running on Sea Life Manchester tickets. We run crazy discounts and offers from time to time, so you can save a lot on the tickets.

Why is Sea Life Manchester so famous?

Sea Life Manchester is famous for being an aquatic wonderland with around five thousand marine creatures and eleven themed zones. You can touch a few of the marine creatures, attend feeding presentations and meet real-life mermaids.

Is a Wheelchair accessible at Sea Life Manchester?

Most of the areas at Sea Life Manchester are wheelchair accessible, but certain areas, like the top of the viewing tank, don't have wheelchair access due to the stairwell to the area. The aquarium also doesn't provide a wheelchair for rent; you'll have to bring your own wheelchair.


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