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About Vancouver Aquarium, Canada

The Vancouver Aquarium is Canada’s first aquarium opened in 1956 and is presently the largest animal rescue facility which is home to thousands of rare species. The main motive of this facility is to prevent and provide good care for animals. The place has 11 zones in it including Frog Forever, Penguin Point, Wet Lab etc. The aquarium also has a 4D theater with special effects to enjoy the 15 min well-choreographed animal movie which makes them come to life. It also provides you the opportunity to encounter the rescued rare species like seals, sea lions, rockfish and sea cucumbers, etc. This place also has a Wet Lab where you can not only observe marine life but can touch and feel them in the presence of the caretaker. Observe African Penguins, which are the only species of penguins found in the southern coast as well.


  • The Aquarium is the largest rescue facility in the world for animals.
  • The place is the house of approximately 300 species of fish, around 56 species of reptiles, and more than 30000 species of non-skeletal creatures.
  • There are a total of 11 zones in the aquarium like B.C.'s Wild Coast Exhibit, Canada's the Arctic, Frogs Forever, Penguin Point, Steller's Bay, The Tropics, Wondrous Jellies.
  • You can also enjoy the sleepovers with the fishes which is an especially designed event for the kids through which they will learn and enjoy marine life.

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Vancouver Aquarium Tickets Variants

It is always advisable to book your Vancouver Aquarium tickets online as you don’t have to wait in long queues for the tickets. Online booking not only saves your time but is also pocket friendly as we will provide you tickets with special discounts and offers. You can get your Vancouver Aquarium tickets anytime and anywhere as it will allow you to book your tickets with just a click. Booking tickets online is very convenient as it will save tons of time as you will receive your tickets within a few minutes. Or you can book combo tickets in which you can get double benefits at the price of one.

Daily Tickets: Daily tickets are one of the options for booking your Vancouver Aquarium tickets, in which you can book them in advance and can get special discounts. You have to select the specific time and date for these tickets and you will surely receive the tickets at the lowest prices which reduces the Vancouver Aquarium ticket price and will secure your visit to the aquarium.

General Admission Tickets: General Admission Tickets are tickets that can be booked within the day, but the price may vary depending on the crowd and booking of tickets. The ticket doesn’t require long planning, you can book on the day of the visit and receive the confirmation. As the place is one of the major attractions in Canada and tickets to the aquarium are out of stock easily. So it is always advisable to book your tickets online.

Zones of Vancouver Aquarium Canada

B.C.'s Wild Coast Exhibit

This zone is specially designed for the rescue and treatment of marine animals. You will get the chance to observe Seals, Sea Lions and many more animals in this area. These animals will be released back to their native places until or unless they are not orphaned or too young. The animals who are too young and not able to take care of themselves are kept here with good care.

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Canada's Arctic

Canada’s Arctic is the largest archipelago in the world and this zone is where you will get the opportunity to know the evolution made by the people, land, and animals. It shows the journey of climate change and its effects on people's lives and how animals get used to this atmospheric change. Under the ice, there are some of the rarest species and you will be amazed to see how many people live happily because the ice is melting constantly, causing climate change.

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Frogs Forever

Around more than 20 amphibians are exhibited in the aquarium in which many are very rare species. It is said that these animals survived the meteor from 66 million years ago but now many species are in danger as there is a continuous change in the environment. Using pesticides, chemicals, plastic, and many more harmful substances made it difficult to survive for them. The zone will create awareness regarding these animals and teach you how to save them.

Graham Amazon Gallery

Inspired by the Amazon forests were more than 3000 fishes with various bird species that live and are continuously discovered. This zone will make you aware of biodiversity and teach you to protect the environment. You can also enjoy the warm rainforest in the regular weather of Canada. The area is filled with many animals, fishes, and birds like crocodiles, snakes, caimans, sloths, and many more.

Pacific Canada Pavilion

This zone is inspired by the Strait of Georgia, which originally is in the middle of the Salish Sea and Vancouver Island, and spread at 240 KM. Its replica is at the entrance of the aquarium and consists of 2 lakh and 60 thousand liters of water in the tank. It is divided into 2 levels, level 1 for the exhibits of marine life and level 2 from the above which lets you dive into this tank. Rockfish, crabs, sturgeon, etc are some of the marine life you will get to observe in it.

Penguin Point

This zone is inspired by Boulders Beach which is in the lap of Cape Town. Originally the area is well known as a home for African Penguins which is the only breed of Penguins that live on the Southern coast. The Penguin belongs to the bird family but is not able to fly hence, you can observe these little cute birds playing and swimming in the nearby pool.

Steller's Bay

The zone is the replica of Steller’s Bay, in which you will observe the stunning sea lion resting in the sea. The aquarium also organizes a special training program for Sea Lions in which these creatures play around in the water, with balls and many more things. Not only this you will get the opportunity to see live how these creatures search for food and feed themselves.

The Tropics

This zone will allow you to know the beautiful and colorful marine life like fishes of different colors and sizes, green sea turtles, and many more. The Tropics are the perfect combination of natural beauty where you will see mangrove forests, lakes, and rivers. In this zone, you can also enjoy activities such as you can dive daily into the lakes and rivers and can feed the sharks twice a week.

Treasures of The BC Coast

Get a glimpse of the natural beauty with amazing and rare species of marine life like jellyfish and sea cucumbers. In this zone, you will discover the diversity of marine life which will leave you in awe. The attraction of this zone is you will encounter the Pacific Octopus which is one of the largest Octopus species in the world. Sea Stars, Hagfish, and Sea Anemones are some of the marine life you will observe in this zone.

Wet Lab

The aquarium is not only a place to relish marine life but can be an educational tour where you will get to learn about them. This zone of the aquarium is especially designed for students where many educational programs are conducted but when the zone is not in use, it welcomes all the visitors. Sea anemones, sea urchins, crabs, jellies, shrimps, etc are some of the animals that you can touch and see in this zone.

Wondrous Jellies

Enter the colorful world of jellyfish, where you will find all kinds of jellyfish from all over the world. You can also get to know about the food chain of turtles and jellies, how the turtles get dependent on the fishes for their food. This section is continuously upgrading as the researchers are working on it to expand it and provide knowledge to the visitors about these magnificent creatures.

Activities Available At Vancouver Aquarium Canada

1. Wildlife Rescue: Miracles in Conservation:This is not just an aquarium but also the largest rescue facility for animals where you can meet with endangered species. You will get to know about these animals in a small group presentation in which you can also touch them in the presence of a caretaker. The zone also has many games options which you can enjoy with your families.

2. Clownfish Cove: This activity is specially designed for young kids and its main motive is to create awareness and sympathy in the kids for nature and animals. The main purpose is to invest in the future and make sure that the kids will learn about the environment through these learning fun tours.

3. The 4D Theater Experience®: The 4D theater will make your learning experience about the animals exciting and fun. This 15 minutes show has special effects in it which includes sound, smell, touch, lights, and weather. The show is well choreographed and informative which is very useful for the kids.

4. Touch Pools: This activity takes your experience one step further, as you can not only see but touch the animals. Giant sea cucumbers, giant green anemones, starfish, etc. are some of the animals you might get to feel and observe in this activity.

Know Before You Book Vancouver Aquarium Tickets

Essential Information

Location: 845 Avison Way, Vancouver, BC V6G 3E2, Canada

Timings: The Vancouver Aquarium is open from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM on all seven days of the week.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit Vancouver Aquarium Canada is in the afternoon from 12 PM to 2 PM when the aquarium is less crowded and you can enjoy the marine life without any hustle.

How to reach

By Bus: The nearest bus stops are Stanley Park Loop @ Bay 1 and Eastbound W Georgia St @ Denman St which is 4 min walk away from the Vancouver Aquarium.

By Skytrain: Burrard Station and Vancouver City Center Station is the closest station to the aquarium which takes 14 min and 18 minutes away.

By Ferry station: The aquarium is nearly 28 minutes away from the Vancouver Aquarium station.

Accessibility:The aquarium is wheelchair accessible and they are allowed to bring one attendant with free entry. And the whole premise is walker friendly so that the person with disabilities can easily enjoy their visit. It is also pets friendly but only the service dogs with valid certification are allowed on the premises of the Vancouver Aquarium but their entry is restricted to enter in the Amazon gallery.


What is Vancouver Aquarium's timed ticket entry?

The timed ticket entry is the pre-booking of the Vancouver Aquarium tickets as there is no fixed price for the tickets and a very limited number of people are allowed to enter the aquarium. So it is mandatory to book your tickets in advance through online portals.

Do I need to buy Vancouver Aquarium tickets for the 4D movie?

No, there is no need to buy any additional tickets, the 4D movie show is included in your entry Vancouver Aquarium tickets.

Is parking included in my Vancouver Aquarium ticket price?

No, the parking is not included in your Vancouver Aquarium tickets, and you can pay for the parking through your credit card or mobile application, any other mode of transaction is not valid for parking.

Can I upgrade my Vancouver Aquarium tickets into membership?

Yes, it is possible to convert your Vancouver Aquarium tickets into membership but it should be requested on the same day of purchase. You can simply visit the Help desk for assistance and they will guide you. However, remember the membership is non-refundable and non-transferable.

How much do the Vancouver Aquarium tickets cost?

The Vancouver Aquarium tickets cost nearly $35 to $50, in which all the activities like 4D theater, touch pools or clownfish cove, etc. are included.


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