Overview of National Aquarium, Denmark

Get the National Aquarium tickets, Denmark and enter inside the aquarium which is home to over 300 different species of fishes. With over 30 million visitors every year and an endless collection of animal species, the aquarium strives to educate, inspire, and entertain visitors of every age. This aquarium which is also known as Blue Planet is located in Copenhagen with a beautiful view. The aquarium's main exhibit hall contains more than 1,300 animals and plants from around the globe. The aquarium also has a large number of smaller tanks containing fish and other animals that live close to shorelines that you can enjoy with National Aquarium tickets.

The aquarium is divided into five sections, the Great African lakes, the Tropical Forest, Evolution and adaptation, Cold Water and Warm ocean. While the Warm Ocean has a shark tank inside, the cold water features freshwater fish and lakes. Your visit with the National Aquarium tickets will allow you to explore this diverse ecosystem and marine life that lives in the ocean’s water with harmony. Inside the aquarium, you get the opportunity to meet the big 5 residents i.e. Hammerhead sharks, The otters, The Pacific octopus, the rays and the Arapaima.

Book National Aquarium Tickets, Denmark

Booking your National Aquarium tickets online lets you choose your preferred date to book your confirmed slot. You can also avail great discounts and deals which will make your entire trip affordable. In addition to that, it comes with a number of benefits like customer support, flexible cancellation, fast confirmation, mobile vouchers, etc. With the skip-the-line access to the aquarium with these tickets, you will save a lot of time and hassles.

The aquarium is home to over 300 different species of fish and other sea creatures, with exhibits that range from the smallest to the largest animals in their respective groups. The aquarium offers plenty of special events, like birthday parties and family events. If you want to bring your kids along, they'll love seeing dolphins, penguins and sharks as well as jellyfish. The aquarium is divided into four main areas: "Water World", "Sea Life", "Fish World", and "Enchanted Kingdom".

Meet The Big 5 Of National Aquarium Denmark

The Otters – With Appetites Like A Family Of Ten And Full Of Energy
The Otters – With Appetites Like A Family Of Ten And Full Of Energy

The otters are a real crowd pleaser as they're playful, energetic, and love to play with each other. Otters also have an excellent sense of smell, which helps them find food even if it's hidden amongst other objects underwater. They can eat up to ten pounds of food every day, which means that even if they aren't hungry, they love to snack on things like fish or crayfish.

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Hammerhead Sharks – Clever Hunter With A Bizarre Head Shape
Hammerhead Sharks – Clever Hunter With A Bizarre Head Shape

Hammerhead sharks have a bizarre head shape, but it's not for show, its unusual face is actually an adaptation that helps it to find food in murky water. Its eyes are very small and placed low in its head, giving it poor binocular vision. Its sense of smell is also very poor compared to other sharks, so it relies on its sense of hearing to hunt down prey.

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The Rays – Peaceful Fish With A Deadly Weapon
The Rays – Peaceful Fish With A Deadly Weapon

The rays at this aquarium are peaceful creatures who don't attack people, but they do have a few other interesting traits. Manta rays' bodies are covered in tiny scales that make it hard for them to get caught on things, but they do have teeth-like structures that help them crush prey in their mouths. Their favorite food is plankton, which they find by swimming into the ocean currents and snatching it out of the water with their mouths.

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The Pacific Octopus – A Clever Mollusc With Almost 2000 Suction Cups
The Pacific Octopus – A Clever Mollusc With Almost 2000 Suction Cups

The Pacific octopus is found throughout the world's oceans and can be found at depths of up to 5000 meters. It has eight arms and can produce ink from glands in its mantle, which it uses to create a protective barrier around itself when threatened. They have excellent underwater vision and can quickly pick out red and blue objects.

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The Arapaima – Gigantic Giants With Practical Scales
The Arapaima – Gigantic Giants With Practical Scales

The arapaima, also known as the pirarucu, is one of the largest freshwater fish that can grow up to 1.7 meters and weighs up to 200 kilograms. In addition to their size, these fish are also very unusual for animal species as they have a very thick skin with scales on top which look like armor plates.

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Know Before You Go National Aquarium Denmark

Essential Information
How to Reach
Essential Information
  • Location: Jacob Fortlingsvej 1, 2770 Kastrup, Denmark
  • Timings: 10 AM to 5 PM
  • Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit National Aquarium Denmark is between June and September. This is when the temperature and humidity levels are highest, making it easier for most animals to be active in their habitats.

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Highlights of National Aquarium Denmark

Highlights of National Aquarium Denmark
  • Visit The National Aquarium of Denmark, which is home to more than 1000 animals with your tickets.
  • Explore the three zones of the aquarium including Northern lakes and sea, The Ocean and the Tropical lakes and rivers.
  • Walk through the largest aquarium in Northern Europe and enjoy the serene and scenic view of the sea and the Øresund Strait.
  • Watch marine animals that reside in more than 20 aquariums like Animals over water, The source river, The secret life of suckers and more.
  • Witness and learn about some rare to find species like Long-nosed feather-bearded catfish, Saddle Bike and more during your visit to aquariums of Endangered species.

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FAQs For National Aquarium Denmark

Is advance booking of National Aquarium tickets necessary?

    Yes, advance booking is highly recommended if you're planning on visiting the National Aquarium. It's an excellent place to visit, and you'll want to be sure to get tickets when they go on sale. If you're not booked for a certain date, it may be necessary to wait until that date before purchasing National Aquarium tickets.

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