Sea Life Hannover

Overview of Sea Life Hannover

Come face-to-face with the most beautiful and majestic sea creatures with your Sea Life Hannover tickets. The aquarium has over forty pools with more than twenty-five hundred creatures, and it gives tribute to the oceans and seas of the planet. You can see here a vast diversity of marine animals from the Leine River to the mangrove area, the coral reef, and the ray lagoon in ecosystems ranging from swamps and rivers to the deep sea.

Head to the indoor rainforest area to immerse yourself in a world of curious critters, creepy crawlies, and fascinating flora of the tropics.The aquarium also houses a discovery pool where you can touch a starfish and experience a little cleaner shrimp cleaning your hands. Watch the professional aquarists feeding the marine animals and take the behind the scene tour to learn more about how the aquarium functions.

Walk through the glass tunnel to have a memorable journey through the underwater kingdom, just a few inches away from the sharks, bull rays, octopuses, seals, and many other marine inhabitants. The aquarium also features a laboratory where you can see long-snouted seahorses, mantis shrimps, and Cassiopeia in addition to a close encounter with the marine species and creepy insects.

Book Sea Life Hannover Tickets Online

With the Sea Life Hannover tickets, you will get direct entry to the attraction, and you can explore various areas such as clownfish cave, ocean tunnel, shipwreck, Laboratory, rockpool, and insect experience section. Book Sea Life Hannover tickets online in advance and land some amazing deals and discounts as we keep offering great offers and discounts to our customers which make their entire trip affordable and memorable. Appreciate the beauty and diversity of more than twenty-five hundred creatures that inhabit the aquarium.

Peek through the fifteen large tanks that feature marine animals from the Leine River to the mangrove area, the coral reef, and the ray lagoon. With the Sea Life Hannover tickets, you also get a chance to discover a real jungle by going on an expedition through the rainforest.

Explore Zones at Sea Life Hannover


From the endangered yellow-bellied toad to the native pond turtle "Emy," Rope is a homeland for some of the most diverse aquatic species of the world. You can also see here European pond turtles, Atlantic salmon, and crayfish. The highlights of this area include feeding presentations and information boards that help you learn about the fish species that can change sexes and others with remarkable defense and camouflage capabilities.

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This dynamic zone takes the visitors inside a beautifully re-created mangrove ecosystem and helps them learn about the importance of mangroves to the conservation and health of the coastal environments. As you enter this area, you can see some of the most amazing sea beauties like four eyes and archer fish which are quite popular among the tourists.

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Lagoon Of The Rays

Step into the Lagoon Of The Rays area and meet more than five hundred species of Rays, including garden eels, blue spotted stingrays, and cownose rays. Keep your eyes peeled for the fearsome bamboo sharks swaying in the current! This colorful zone replicates the environment found in the subtropical and coastal tropical marine waters so that the rays can thrive.

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If you have always been fascinated by marine life and want to know more about their eating habits, behavior, and survival skills, you can head to the laboratory. It is a marine paradise where you can get to know about unique marine animals such as colorful mantis, shrimp, and mangrove jellyfish. Ask the aquarium staff as many questions as you have in your mind and expand your marine knowledge.

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Coral Reef

Coral Reef beautifully recreates the inviting and warm coral seas of the Great Barrier Reef and surrounding islands. In this zone, you can see the kaleidoscope of fish flashing around their idyllic home and learn about their endangered habitats. The highlight of this area is Amphiprion, a genus of ray-finned fish known for forming a symbiotic relationship with sea anemones.

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Coral Rearing

Explore the beauty of the coral reefs and learn how they're reared and the threats they face by heading to the Coral Rearing area. You can also meet the key residents of this area, like cow boxfish, sea anemones, and clownfish. Stay in awe as you see the glowing reef that absorbs blue light and emits lower-energy fluorescent light.

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Shipwreck is one of the most interesting areas of the Sea Life Hannover, where you can explore what lies beneath the surface of wreckages throughout history. You can discover the ancient story of the shipwrecks while exploring the invasive species and aquatic life surrounding them. You can see here unique marine animals from around the globe, including leopard moray eels, starfish, red lionfish, and octopuses.

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Ocean Tunnel

Immerse yourself in the wonders of the aquatic world as you walk through the Ocean Tunnel. Stand in the middle of the tunnel and marvel at the tropical display, full of peaceful rays, colorful fish, and even fearsome sharks! You'll be able to see the beautiful sea creatures from all angles and feel like you're swimming alongside them along the sea bed.

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Clownfish Cave

Clownfish Cave is home to colorful tropical species like clownfish and silverfin leaves. This area has been designed like an ancient cave, and as you enter, you'll be surrounded by some of the most beautiful marine species. Learn how clownfish live among venomous anemones and yet are not harmed by them from the aquarium staff.

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This is one of the most popular areas in Sea Life Hannover, where you can see the piranhas through the thick glass. Piranhas are considered the health police of the aquarium as they feed on animal carcasses and ensure that their habitat remains disease free. You can also learn about their behavior and eating habits from the aquarium staff.

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Highlights for Sea Life Hannover

  • Sea Life Hannover is a marine paradise that brings the underwater world closer to visitors with unique displays and interesting exhibits.
  • Different sea environments have been perfectly replicated at this aquarium, and you'll get transported between the likes of the tropical reefs to shipwrecks and the rainforest.
  • You can meet more than twenty-five hundred sea creatures in over forty pools by booking the Sea Life Hannover tickets.
  • Enjoy the forty underwater exhibits that celebrate the diversity of aquatic life.
  • Many of the tanks and exhibits are floor-level to ensure that the kids can have a clear view of the sea creatures.
  • Meet the rainforest rangers who will take you on a tour of the jungle and introduce you to the most deadly creatures.

Know Before You Book Sea Life Hannover

Essential Information
Tips to Visit
  • Location: Herrenhaeuser Str. 4a, 30419, Hannover, Lower Saxony Germany

  • Timings: Monday to Sunday- 10 am to 5 pmLast entry is at 4 pm.

  • How to reach:

1. By metro: Take the underground lines 1, 2, 3, 7 or 8 from the Hanover main station to get to the Kröpcke underground station.

2. By Tram: Take tram 4 or 5 and get down at Herrenhauser Garten. From here, you'll have to walk for around ten minutes to reach Sea Life Hannover.

3. By Car: If you are coming from the south, get to the B6 via the B3 or B65 and follow The Herrenhausen Gardens signpost. Park your car in the designated parking area at the Herrenhausen Gardens and walk for around five minutes to reach Sea Life Hannover.

  • Book Sea Life Hannover tickets online in advance to save yourself from the hassle of standing in long lines at the ticket counter.
  • Check the official website to know about the scheduled events of the day and the feeding time.
  • Don't miss out on the rockpool area, where you can touch a few slimy creatures.
  • Wear comfortable shoes or flip-flops as you'll have to walk a lot around the aquarium.
  • Don't consume alcohol or drugs while visiting the aquarium.
  • If you feel hungry while touring the aquarium, you can visit the in-house restaurant, where you can buy snacks and desserts.
  • Visit the aquarium during the opening hours if you want to have a crowd-free experience.

FAQs For Sea Life Hannover

How much time do we need to explore Sea Life Hannover?

You'll need at least three to four hours to explore Sea Life Hannover, as there is a lot to see and do. The aquarium has various zones and more than twenty-five hundred creatures, and you must have optimum time at hand to go through each section carefully.

What would be the price of Sea Life Hannover Tickets?

Sea Life Hannover tickets will cost around 18.50€ per adult above 15 years. The annual pass will cost around 45 € per adult, and it will guarantee you 365 days of unlimited admission.

Are any discounts available on Sea Life Hannover Tickets?

Yes, when you buy Sea Life Hannover tickets online in advance from us, you avail yourself of some great offers and discounts which will make your entire visit an affordable one.

Why is Sea Life Hannover so famous?

Sea Life Hannover is a marine paradise where you can see more than twenty-five hundred majestic creatures in over forty pools from all over the world. It has various areas, such as an Ocean Tunnel, Shipwreck, Coral Reef, and Lagoon of the Rays that replicate different sea environments.

Is Wheelchair accessible at Sea Life Hannover?

The observation tower at Sea Life Hannover's rainforest area is not accessible for wheelchair users, however, there is an elevator that makes all levels of the aquarium accessible. There is also a corresponding toilet that you can use with a wheelchair.


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