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Oceanario de Lisboa Overview

One of the best ways to explore Portugal is by taking an Oceanário de Lisboa ticket and exploring the aquarium while indulging in many fun activities. The Oceanário de Lisboa tickets mark your entry into the world’s most enchanting and desirable aquatic life to visit.The Lisbon Aquarium transports you deep into the dark shining ocean, where you will witness the exhilarating beauty of tiny and massive underwater marine life that will take your breath away.

Around 1 million people yearly visit the aquarium, making it the most explored cultural facility in Portugal. The facility consists of two buildings, the old one on the oceans and the new building on the sea, connected by a huge courtyard decorated with a spectacular panel of 50,000 tiles, which provides access to the exhibitions and the educational area.

The Oceanarium spots sea life species from four oceans—the North Atlantic, Antarctic, Temperate Pacific, and Tropical Indian Ocean.You can find many magnificent marine creatures, from jiggly jellyfish to alive corals to fascinating frogs. This Oceanarium is Portugal's biggest indoor aquarium, holding more than one million gallons of seawater and supporting the lives of 8,000 sea creatures. Four eternal exhibits represent different habitats that hold numerous types of birds, fish, amphibians, and mammals. The Oceanarium also offers several activities, from guided tours to a sleepover with sharks and even a Fado show.

What to expect at Oceanario de Lisboa

The Lisbon oceanarium has a long-lasting, centuries-old bond between the ocean and the city. It is the biggest public aquarium whose honor is extensively recognised not only in Portugal but all over the world. This building is visited by more than 1 million people every year and gives a memorable and astonishing experience. As a modern aquarium, it aims to inspire people to learn about marine mammals and various environmental issues. It works with numerous institutions with a vision to encourage ocean sustainability by supporting sealife biodiversity conservation projects.

Castelo De São Jorge

Sao de CasteloJorge is now a place where you can relish the heritage and historical monuments. Tourists got captivated by the various folk and delightful activities that this astonishing monument in Lisbon has. This admirable castle is nestled on a hilltop in the city. There are eleven towers inside the castle. Exploring the castle offers panoramic views of Lisbon, the Tejo River, and the enchanted Christo Rei Monument.

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Mosteiro Dos Jeronimos

Mosteiro dos Jeronimos is a Portuguese monastery with a large corridor, fountain, and sepulcher of famous historical figures. The tomb of Vasco da Gama, the National Archeological Museum, and the Maritime Museum are also here. The monastery gives a panoramic view of the Tagus river in Belém. It is open to tourists and offers an admirable look at Portuguese civilization, ethic, societal and cultural diversity . It has been proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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A Historic Tower in Lisbon

A historic tower in Lisbon is also called the Tower of London. It is also the final resting place for many of England’s most popular prisoners . This tower was the most important prison in the country. The tower is 210 feet above ground level and provides panoramic views of the city and the surrounding area. From its top, tourists can take snapshots of the Soo Locks . Moreover, tourists can watch a video presentation of the tower’s history.

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Triumphal Arches

Triumphal arches are built to celebrate, memorialize, salute, and admire military victories. The Triumphal Arch is 21 m high, 25.7 m wide, and 7.4 m deep. The statue has a staircase that leads from the doorway to Palatine Hill.

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Basilica da Estrela

The Basilica da Estrela has extremely fancy and neoclassical architecture. The building’s dome is especially impressive. The Basilica da Estrela is one of the most stunning places to explore in Lisbon, and it’s also free of charge. The basilica is mostly visited in the morning. You’ll discover it is meditative, prayerful, peaceful and serene.

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Lisbon’s Imposing Cathedral

Tourists can climb to the top of the memorial statue by taking the elevator. From there, you can get a panoramic view of the riverfront and surrounding area. This architectural masterpiece provides a glorious backdrop for snapshots. The interior is magnificently decorated. Its marble, azulejos, and gilded woodwork make it one of the most admirable holy buildings in the city.

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Highlights of the Oceanario de Lisboa

This fascinating underwater world aquarium is very thrilling. It has a large variety of sea animals, and it is very exciting when they pass just so close to you in the window.

  • A glorious display of around 8000 marine mammals from 500 unique species at Oceanário de Lisboa tickets.
  • Overall, it takes around 3 hours to walk through, but you can definitely spend more time there if you want to.
  • It is the biggest indoor aquarium in Europe.
  • All living things are surrounded by a single force of salty water.
  • Four everlasting displays represent different ecosystems that hold the various types of birds, fish, amphibians, and sealife aquatic animals.

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Know Before You Go The Florida Aquarium

Essential Information

Location: Oceanário de Lisboa is located at Esplanada Dom Carlos I s/no, 1990-005 Lisboa, Portugal. It is situated in the Parque das Naçes, which was the exhibition grounds for Expo '98. It is the biggest indoor oceanarium in Europe.

Timings: Oceanário de Lisboa é open daily desde 10am to 7pm.

Best Time To Go: The best time to visit Oceanario de Lisboa is during the winters as the weather remains ideal.

How to reach:

By bus : 26B, 728, 750, bus no. will take you to Oceanário de Lisboa . While nearby bus stations include Hospital Descobertas, Passeio Adamastor, Estaço Oriente, and Oceanário, it only takes 10-8 minutes to drive to the aquarium. To reach the Oceanário de Lisboa from downtown Lisbon, you can take the metro, a taxi, or drive. It will take 30–40 minutes to get to the Lisbon Aquarium. The best way to get there by passenger transportation is by bus.

Directions from Cais Sodré:Take the 728–Avenida Dos Descobrimentos bus from Cais Sodré.ride for 21 stops.Depart from the Oceanário Lisboa stop.Go on steps for a few minutes to the Park of Nations to visit the Oceanário de Lisboa.

By train: Sintra to Oriente (16 stops are there to reach Oceanario) and Alcantara to Castanheira do Ribatejo (Du), 16 stops are there to reach Oceanario.By metro, Linha Vermela will take you to Oceanario.

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  • The aquarium can be visited in the morning or late afternoon to have a relaxing good time. While the oceanarium is charming and entertaining all the time during its visiting hours, this is the best time to go as it is less crowded.
  • If you are visiting Lisbon in the rainy season, then an oceanarium is the best way to spend your time enjoying aquatic life.
  • Book your ticket online to avoid the queue, particularly on a weekend. Weekends are the most popular days for exploring the Lisbon Aquarium, particularly in summer.
  • Make sure that your camera's flash is off for snapshots. Emitting light suddenly and using light to click pictures is not allowed.

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FAQs For Oceanario de Lisboa, Portugal

Is advance booking of Oceanario de Lisboa tickets necessary?

Yes, booking your Oceanario de Lisboa tickets in advance guarantees you entry into the aquarium on your preferred date; otherwise, if you book on the spot, there is a chance you will not get a ticket due to high crowds and advance bookings.To skip the hassle, passengers are advised to book tickets in advance.

Is the price for Oceanario de Lisboa tickets the same for everyone?

No, the price of Oceanario de Lisboa tickets are not the same for everyone. 0–2 years, free; 3-12 years old: 15€; 13-64 years old: 22€; +65 years old: 17€.

Are there discounts on Oceanário de Lisboa tickets?

Yes, people do get up to 40-50% discount on early booking of Oceanário de Lisboa tickets, whereas the full amount of refund is available before the tour date up to 24 hours. Book Oceanário de Lisboa tickets through an online platform allows you to get all the benefits like reserving now and paying later, instant confirmation, price match guarantee, and free cancellation.

Can I book Oceanário de Lisboa tickets online?

You can book Oceanário de Lisboa tickets online anytime from our website. The online booking system lets you visit the aquarium. Before checking out, you can avail a suitable discount on the listed tickets on the website. Upon booking, you will receive a confirmation message with all the relevant details.

How much is the Oceanário de Lisboa ticket price?

Oceanário de Lisboa tickets prices are free for children aged 0 to 2 years.3-12 years: 15€; 13-64 years: 22€; +65 years: 17€; these are approximate prices.

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