Antalya Aquarium Turkey

Overview of Antalya Aquarium

Antalya Aquarium lets you explore the biggest tunnel containing the aqua life from the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and the Red Sea. The length of the aquarium is 131 meters with a width of 3 meters making it the biggest tunnel aquarium in the world. Located in the Antalya City Center, this place houses 40 thematic aquariums inside for you to explore.

There is a tropical reef section where you catch the beautiful sight of corals, clownfish, lionfish, seahorses and many more. It is one of the largest reef decorations in the world where you get to see the rarest ones from the river Amazon and Nile. The lost city of underwater Atlantis is also on the display inside the aquarium. There is a WildPark Tank known as “Terrarium” at the terrace of the aquarium that nourishes poisonous snakes, turtles, bugs, and insects.

Besides the magnificent aqua animals, the aquarium is home to Snow World and Ice Museum housing a temperature of minus 5 degrees.You can even meet the waxed version of hundreds of celebrities inside the face 2 face wax-museum of the aquarium. The aquarium lets you indulge in an immersive VR 360 and Ocean Ride XD theater to witness popular locations of the Turkish Capital City and the depths of the oceans. After enjoying your day using your Antalya Aquarium tickets, think of enjoying your snacks and ice cream at the MC Donald’s, Mado Cafe and Patisserie and Artizan.

Book Antalya Aquarium Tickets Online

You must book Antalya Aquarium Tickets to ensure your fun in the biggest tunnel aquarium in the world. Owing to the popularity of the aquarium worldwide, the tickets frequently go sold out. If you wish to purchase the tickets from the counters, chances are that you would have to wait for long in the queues. The online booking system lets you skip long lines as you can choose the date and time of your visit to Antalya Aquarium. Besides the ease of booking, you can choose from a variety of deals and discounts available on the website that suit your pocket.

Why to book Antalya Aquarium Tickets Online?

Book the tickets for Antalya Aquarium in Turkey to skip the long lines at the counters. Owing to the popularity of Antalya Aquarium in Turkey, it draws international attention enough to sell out the tickets. To ensure your fun, you must book the tickets online in advance for the date of your choice.Choose from a variety of deals, discounts, and combos offered on the website to book Antalya Aquarium Tickets. These offers make your travel budget-friendly and let you save some money on your trip to Turkey. Once you pay, a confirmation message is sent to your phone with relevant details.If you plan to buy tickets directly from the venue, you must wait for hours to get a chance. The online booking system lets you access the aquarium faster than in-person booking. With the tickets for Antalya Aquarium, you get early access to make a hassle-free entry.

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Entertainment Zone At Antalya Aquarium

Snow World

With Antalya Aquarium Tickets, you can explore the Snow World Ice Museum built in an area of 1500 sq m. The indoor snow zone features Igloos, cafes and the house of Saint Nicholas with a temperature of -5 degrees. You need to wear warm clothes to play in and sit in the snow amidst the heat of Turkey.

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Wild Park

Wild Park Antalya is a place where you meet the most vibrant creatures living in a tropical atmosphere amidst Turkey. Located on the terrace of Antalya Aquarium, there is a closed tank known as “Terrarium”, encompassing soil and half water to create a habitat for creatures like snakes, bugs, and insects inside.

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Face 2 Face

The Face 2 Face Wax Museum is an indoor space with waxed versions of 50 celebrities in an area of 1000 sq m. The cutting-edge Silicon Injection Technique with decorated interiors make the waxed versions almost appear like a real person. You can catch the sight of sculptures of Mark Zuckerberg, Boxer Ali, Michael Jackson, NBA Stars, and many more.

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Ocean Ride XD Cinema

The Oceanride XD Cinema is on the terrace of Antalya Aquarium to showcase 20,000 leagues under the sea. The state-of-the-art technology lets you watch the 8-minute riding adventure of Captain Barbossa with 4D real-life shorts inside the water. The submarine adventure takes you through the depths of water to watch the magnificent aqua beings like sharks, tortoises, fishes etc move in search of food.

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VR 360

The VR 360 is an immersive experience of Antalya Aquarium which lets you explore the real-life city on a flying carpet. The 5 min out tour takes you from popular places like Saat kulesi, Aspendos, Kaleiçi, Myra, Kapadokya, Phaselis, Uc kapilar, Manavgat selalesi, Olimpos teleferik, Koprulu kanyon, and Demre kilise etc in Antalya.

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Know Before You Go Antalya Aquarium

Essential Information

Location: Arapsuyu, Minicity and Hillside Su Hotel eastern corner of Konyaaltı Beach, Dumlupınar Blv. No:502, 07200 Konyaaltı/Antalya, Turkey.

Timing: 10:00 AM to 08:00 PM (Sunday to Thursday)10:00 AM to 09:00 PM (Friday and Saturday)

How To Get There:By Cab/Taxi: Antalya Aquarium is on the opposite side of Su Hotel and Dolphin Land 70 meters from Konyaaltı Beach. You can take a cab/ from any place in Antalya as this location is accessible.By Bus: You can take bus lines KL08, KC71A, TK36, KC71, VC57, CV47, and AC03 to reach the "5M stop". From there, the Aquarium is just a walking distance.

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  • MC Donald’s: There are many places to eat inside Antalya Aquarium like the popular fast food restaurant MC Donald’s. It is located at the entrance and has operated here for 26 years where you can have burger and fries in your meals.
  • Mado Cafe and Patisserie: Another restaurant you can check out is the Mado Cafe and Patisserie to eat world-famous Turkish ice cream. The taste of this ice cream comes straight from the Kahramanmaras mountains running in the family business of 150 years.
  • Artizan: The Antalya Aquarium Tickets give you access to Artizan where you can enjoy the authentic chilled desserts and gelato straight from the heart of Italy.

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Highlights for Antalya Aquarium

  • Enter Antalya Aquarium to catch the beautiful sight of aquatic animals from the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Red Sea.
  • Travel through the world’s biggest tunnel aquarium for 131 meters.
  • With Antalya Aquarium Tickets, explore 40 thematic aquariums.
  • Witness the rivers of Asia, the Nile and the Amazon.
  • Have a look at the tropical reef section to see corals, clownfish, lionfish, seahorses etc.
  • Say hello to the marvelous sharks in the Shark Tank thematic aquarium.
  • Enjoy looking at the lost city of Atlantis waters.
  • Catch a glimpse of the coral reef at the pirate shipwreck point.
  • Experience the chills of snow in the Snow World Ice Museum of the aquarium.
  • Face hundreds of celebrities at Face2Face Wax Museum of Antalya Aquarium.
  • Meet poisonous snakes, insects and bugs at the WildPark tank of the aquarium at the terrace.
  • Indulge in immersive experiences at Oceanride XD cinema and VR 360.
  • Get yourself a token of love from the Souvenir section.
  • Eat the delicious ice cream at Mado Cafe and Patisserie and Italian delight Artizan.

FAQs for Antalya Aquarium

Why is Antalya Aquarium so famous?

Antalya Aquarium is popular because it is the biggest tunnel aquarium in the world with a length of 131 meters and a width of 3 meters. The Antalya Aquarium features aquatic animals from the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and the Red Sea. Moreover, it has many zones like lost Atlantis city, Tropical reef, WildPark, Snow World Ice Museum, Face 2 Face Wax Museum, Oceanride and VR 360 to keep you entertained and engaged during your visit.

Is the Price for Antalya Aquarium Tickets the same for all?

Yes, the price for Antalya Aquarium Tickets is around ₺ 1050.

Do I need to book Antalya Aquarium Tickets in advance?

Yes, you need to book tickets for Antalya Aquarium in advance to grab your spot. Antalya Aquarium is the world’s biggest tunnel aquarium housing aquatic animals from many oceans and is quick enough to sell out all the tickets. So, make sure to get them in advance for your visit and exploration inside the aquarium.

Can I book Antalya Aquarium Tickets Online?

Yes, you can book tickets for Antalya Aquarium from anywhere and anytime via the website. Look for the deal and discount of your choice to get the tickets for your preferred date of visit. Once you book, a confirmation message is sent to you with the necessary information about the tickets to Antalya Aquarium.

What is the time duration to visit Antalya Aquarium?

The time duration of Antalya Aquarium is from 10:00 AM to 08:00 PM from Sunday to Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, it is from 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM.


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