SEA Aquarium, Singapore

Overview of S.E.A. Aquarium Singapore

Located in the Sentosa Island of the Lion city is one of the major attractions for kids and family. One of the largest aquariums which has more than 1 lakhs aquatic animals of around thousands species which are divided into 8 different zones.The highlight of the unique design of the aquarium which will provide a 360 degree view of marine life as you will walk admiring the largest tunnel in the world. You can enjoy various activities like getting a chance to meet with Shars, Mantas, Dolphins in the presence of a guide. The aquarium also provides eatery options and shopping stores from where you can buy gifts as a memory of your trip.

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Highlights S.E.A. Aquarium Singapore

  • The S.E.A. Aquarium Sentosa is the world's largest aquarium in the world with approximately 5000 species and more than 100000 marine lifes.
  • The tickets give you an opportunity to get to know more about marine life and encounter some of the rarest aquatic animals.
  • The marine life of the aquarium is divided into 8 different fascinating zones and participates in 7 activities.
  • You can get a 360 degree view of marine life in the world’s largest tunnel which is 8.3 tall and 36m wide.
  • Whitetip Reef Shark, Fried egg Sea Jelly, Black sea Cucumber, are some of the rare species of marine life that you will find in the S.E.A. Aquarium Sentosa.

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Why to book S.E.A. Aquarium tickets?

S.E.A. Aquarium tickets get sold out easily as it is one of the most popular attractions in Singapore. So it is advisable to book your ticket online so that you can enjoy your trip without any inconvenience. Booking tickets online not only makes your trips convenient but also they are pocket friendly as you will get many offers and discounts on the S.E.A. Aquarium ticket price.

Get your S.E.A. Aquarium Singapore Tickets

  • S.E.A Aquarium One-day Admission Ticket: This S.E.A. Aquarium ticket gives you one day access to the premises in which you can access all the 8 zones like underwater city, school of fish, ocean diversity, etc of the aquarium and 7 activities like Dolphin chit chat, feeding shark, etc. You can also grab a quick bite at the restaurant and bring memories home by shopping merchandise and many other things from their stores.
  • S.E.A Aquarium Ticket with Hotel Transfers: The S.E.A. Aquarium tickets give you access to the 8 various zones of the aquarium and observe upto 800 species of marine life. You can also get the pick and drop service at your location without any additional charges.
  • Super Saver Combo: S.E.A. Aquarium™ + Adventure Cove Waterpark™: Get this combo ticket at the price of one where you can enjoy S.E.A. Aquarium and Adventure cove waterpark in one ticket. The benefit of this combo is that you don’t have to buy different tickets and you can skip the long queues and enjoy the visit without any worries.

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Activities to do in S.E.A. Aquarium Singapore

Meet the Sensational Shark

Get a chance to click with “Sam the Shark” and get to know all about them from the expert where you will learn about their behavior, personality, and you can ask all your doubts. You can enjoy the activity in the Shark Seas from 10am to 5pm and attend the learning session at 3pm.

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Meet the Mantas

The diver will introduce you to Mako, Mika and Manja,the rarest and largest species of rays family and one of the major attractions in the aquarium. The activity takes place daily in Open Ocean Habitat at 11 am in the morning.

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Dive Feeding

You will get the opportunity to observe and learn about marine life. In this activity the diver will feed the fishes, sharks, rays and many other aquatic animals. The activity takes place in 3 different zones i.e. Coral garden habitat at 12pm, Shipwreck Habitat at 2pm on Tuesday and Sunday and Open Ocean Habitat at 4pm on Tuesday and Sunday.

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Dolphin Chit Chat

One of the major attractions in the aquarium is encounter the Dolphins as you will get a chance to meet them. You can observe them in their habitat and witness them playing in the water. Learn all about these super intelligent creatures and ask the question to their trainer. You can enjoy this activity daily at 1 pm in the Dolphin panel zone.

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Zones of S.E.A. Aquarium Singapore


This zone is one of the most unique zones of the aquarium as it is home to thousands of fishes like zebra shark, shark ray and many more rare species of marine life. This zone is the perfect living example of how shipwrecks can be transformed into thriving habitats for marine life. The best part about this zone is that you will get a chance to see the magic of nature as it converts the man made waste into a flourish which becomes a part of the aquatic world.

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School of Fish

In this zone, you will learn about the fishes and marine life present in the aquarium which you can explore using your S.E.A. Aquarium tickets. The aquarium has around 5000 fishes species and approximately 100000 marine life in it. This zone will definitely increase your knowledge about the aquatic animals and marine biodiversity of Singapore. You might also get a chance to know about some of the largest aquatic animals and record holerds in the world.

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Ocean Diversity

The Ocean Diversity zone has many colorful fishes which is one of the main attractions, and can be seen through S.E.A. Aquarium tickets. In this section you will observe one of the rare species like Octopus, Dolphins, rare species of jellyfish i.e. Fried egg sea jelly, Tasmanian Giant Crab and many more marine life. The zone has over 1000 species of Jellies which is a very rare and a larger collection.

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Open Ocean Habitat

Enter the ocean dome of giant water animals which gives enough space to Manta rays so that they can swim freely. One of the main attraction in this zone is 3 Manta rays i.e. Mika, Mako, Manja. It has a large display area that makes it easier for the visitors to observe these aquatic creatures. The dome gives you a 180 degree view in which you can see gliding manta rays which is a lifetime experience.

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Quirky Adaptations

As the name suggested of this zone is filled with many unique creatures which make it one of the must visit zones in the aquarium. You will witness Bumphead Parrotfish, which is the largest coral reef fish. Another rare fish is Queen Angelfish which is named after the mark on their head that looks like a crown. Or you might see Weedy Sea Dragons, which is one of the unique marine animals as the male of this species carries the egg.

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Underwater City

You will be amazed to know coral reefs are not included in the aquatic plants but in the water animals. This zone showcases the large collection of coral reefs which belong to the family of sea jellies and sea anemones. They are not just treat for the eyes but also plays an important role in the water ecosystem. Brain coral is one of the coral reefs found in this section in a flat shape which makes building blocks on the outside surface.

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Apex Predators of the Sea

Enter in the tunnel of sharks and see them passing over your head. This zone is a major attraction which can be seen around 100 sharks in 120 different species using S.E.A. Aquarium tickets. These fishes are known as predators as they are not very friendly with the human beings but in this zone you will get to know more about them. You will get knowledge about the important role played by them in balancing the ecosystem.

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Aquatic Ecosystems

As the zone name says, you will learn about the ecosystem of the aquatic world. The zone is specially designed for the kids in which they will understand how the food chain of marine life works. It is not only limited to observation but you can also touch and feel the aquatic creatures in this section and most of them are invertebrates. If you reach during the feeding session you might get a chance to feed them in presence of the supervisor and experts.

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Know Before You Go S.E.A. Aquarium, Singapore

Essential Information

Location: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269Timing: 10 am to 7 pm

Best time to visit: The best time to visit the aquarium is before 11 am in the morning on the weekdays to avoid the crowd and enjoy your visit peacefully.

How to reach:

By Car: One of the most convenient ways to visit the aquarium is by car as you can park your vehicle easily in the parking lot. The aquarium is approximately 15km from the main city which takes around 24min away.

By MRT: HarbourFront is the closest metro station to the aquarium, which is 3.9km away and takes 14 minutes to reach the destination.

By Bus: The nearest bus stop is Resorts World Sentosa which can be reached by taking 123, NR1, NR6, 963R, 188R buses which is 15 minutes away from the aquarium.

By Cable Car: One of the most exciting ways to reach the aquarium is by cable car as you can enjoy the beautiful scenic view. The closest station is Imbiah station which is 10 minutes walk away from the aquarium.

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  • In S.E.A. tickets, Singapore you can enjoy the best activities in which you can encounter the sharks, click photos with them, observe how the diver feeds the fishes, get knowledge about Dolphins and many more.
  • The S.E.A. Aquarium tickets, includes free access to the 8 zones in the aquarium i.e. School of Fish, Ocean Diversity, Underwater City and many more.
  • You can also get the pick and drop services included in your S.E.A. Aquarium tickets at your preferred location.


Ocean Bites is the perfect place to grab a quick bite while you are enjoying your visit in the aquarium. You can have cakes, corn dogs, muffins and many more desserts and snacks while gazing at the open ocean gallery. Another place for your hunger is S.E.A. side snack which is near the Dolphin area. You can order pastry or hot dogs and enjoy the Dolphin show while having delicious snacks. This eatery is open from Friday to Tuesday between 10am and 5pm.

Explore More:

SEAA Wonders is a shopping place where you can purchase eco-friendly merchandise, toys, accessories and t-shirts as a reminder of your visit to the aquarium. SEAA Treasures is another shop in the aquarium from where you will find a wide range of t-shirts, soft toys and accessories and bring memories of your visit at home.

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FAQs For SEA Aquarium Singapore

What is the cost of S.E.A. Aquarium tickets?

The average cost of S.E.A. tickets, Singapore are between S$34.68 to S$48.56 in which you can enjoy the aquarium tour and many other facilities depending on the package you have booked.

Are all the activities included in the S.E.A. Aquarium Singapore tickets?

Yes, all the activities like Say Cheese with Sam the Shark, Dive Feeding @ Coral Garden, Dolphin Chit chat and many more are included in the S.E.A. tickets, Singapore.

How long does it take to explore the entire S.E.A. Aquarium?

You can explore the entire S.E.A. Aquarium approximately within 2 hours in which you will observe 8 different zones and can enjoy 7 different activities in your tour.

Is it important to book S.E.A. Aquarium Singapore tickets in advance?

No, but the S.E.A. Aquarium is a main attraction in Singapore, hence its tickets sold out quickly. So, it is advisable to book your tickets online to avoid any inconvenience.

Can I get any discounts or offers on booking S.E.A. Aquarium Singapore tickets online?

Yes, you can get many discounts and offers on S. E.A. Aquarium Singapore tickets on booking with us. You can also check out combo tickets in which you can explore many places with the same tickets.

Do S.E.A. Aquarium tickets offer dining options?

No, the dinning is not included in S.E.A. Aquarium tickets, but you can still enjoy the dinning inside the aquarium. Ocean Bites and S.E.A. side snacks are the restaurants inside the aquarium where you can enjoy your meals.


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