Sea Life Sydney

Overview of Sea Life Sydney

Get your hands on the Sea Life Sydney tickets and enjoy a visit to one of the city's most popular attractions. With over 13,000 animals across 700 different species like majestic dugongs, jellyfish, grey nurse sharks, and an array of tropical fish across others, packed with 14 different zones, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Sydney Aquarium offers a lot including the Penguin Expedition and amazing travel through incredible oceanarium tunnels which is a way to turtles and penguins.

With the Sea Life Sydney tickets, you can experience the Day & Night on the reef from Discovery Rockpool to the Jurassic seas. Get a chance to learn fascinating facts about the distinct species while interacting during animal feeding at Sea Life Sydney. The Sea Life Sydney Aquarium is a hub of eccentric marine animals which are showcased in multiple stunning exhibits. With your Sea Life Sydney tickets, get a chance to witness an aquatic theme day in the brand new and world’s first penguin exhibit. The Penguin Expedition is the newest addition to the aquarium and hosts a chain of boats floating through the King and Gentoo Penguin colony.

Book Sea Life Sydney Tickets Online

Get the Sea Life Sydney tickets and get ready to explore Australia's amazing and colourful sea life which is home to over 13,000 marine animals. Explore the 14 distinct zones with hands-on experience at the Discovery Rockpool to the Jurassic Seas. The underwater world also offers visitors the view of the huge Shark Walk and Valley and watch the grey nurse and lemon sharks glide over their heads.

To increase the fun of your trip, stop and knock around the two friendly dugongs Pig and Wuru. So, book your Sea Life Sydney tickets online to save an ample amount of time by skipping the ticket line as you get access to the inside easily. Booking the online ticket will help you to grab exciting deals and offers, and also have a hassle free experience.

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Experiences at Sea Life Sydney

Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Get skippered above the tank and get a rare view of the Day and Night on the Reef exhibit. Glide across the water and watch the colourful marine life below the boat and learn all about life on the Great Barrier Reef. In addition to this, also discover our brand-new Glass Bottom Boat + Turtle Encounter.

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Virtual Reality Experience

Have a spectacular look at the ocean from a very new angle with the mesmeric Virtual Reality experience. Take a virtual journey below the surface by selecting from 4 different ocean and sea creature-themed experiences. Wait, don’t forget the VR pods inside the aquarium, which is located right near our rockpool zone.

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Private Dining

Cherish the moments of love and joy at the private dining experience at one of Sydney’s most spectacular event spaces with the underwater backdrop - SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium. The tour includes a package of the self-guided tour, drinks, and a three-course dinner. The location is the NEW Day and Night on the Reef zone.

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Champainting Under the Sea

Go deeper with exclusive after-hours access to one of the most delightful Zones – Day and Night on the Reef. Have a look at some of the world’s most incredible animals like the beautiful dugong, mysterious stingrays, huge sharks, seahorses, and penguins while going through Australia’s remarkable marine environments.

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Aquarium Group Dining

Witness the thousands of sharks, turtles, and fish and cruise the reef before your eyes. Experience the stunning Darling Harbour located in the heart of Sydney and taste the incredible 3-course menu. The Aquarium Group Dining comes with exclusive after-hours access to the Aquarium, along with a three-course dinner and other inclusions.

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Shark Dive Xtreme

Getting the Sea Life Sydney tickets also gives you a way to dive amidst grey nurse sharks, sea turtles, and stingrays here on the scuba dive at the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium. The tour also offers a full scuba training session with the usage of all gear under supervision.

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Explore Zones at Sea Life Sydney

Day and Night on the Reef

This exhibit is the largest in the world and is one of its kind. You can experience the iconic wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. The reef is recreated for guests to confront across 24 hours of the day and transit through night and day.

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Penguin Expedition

Hop to Macquarie Island and have a sneak peek of the adorable, feathered creatures. Enjoy the waddle, slide, and splash from the colony of Gentoo and King penguins, and also enjoy the exclusive Penguin Boat Ride experience to have a closer view.

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Shark Valley

Make sure you keep a track of your adrenaline as you will walk under one of the world's biggest aquarium sharks, which includes the Grey Nurse Sharks as well. Explore the shark valley while continuing your journey deep under the sea, you will also come across the huge Smooth Stingray while passing through the parallel underwater tunnels.

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Dugong Island

Dugong is a beautiful animal, which was mistaken for a mermaid by early European sailors who arrived in Australia's waters. Also, you can see the Pig from above as well as in the viewing tunnels below. The island is also a home for several other animals like White Spotted Eagle Rays, Bamboo Sharks as well as dozens of species of fish.

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Discovery Rockpool

Buying the Sea Life Sydney tickets, not only allows you to see the animals behind the glass, but some are in open space as well. The rockpool is one such place for sea stars, shark eggs, shells, and many more creatures, here you can touch and feel them, and don’t worry hand wipes are provided.

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South Coast Shipwreck

Hop over the beached shipwreck environment and discover a wide range of animals indigenous to the Southern Oceans. For the little penguins, this place is the home, where they dart through the water and waddle across the beach.

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Sydney Harbour

Explore the animals which are native to the most iconic harbours in the world at the Sydney Harbour among the stilted piers and platform decks. The harbour play as a vital link in the ecology of the coastline and is a home for over 600+ species of fish which gives a magnificent view above the surface.

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Jurassic Seas

To the sea where life begins, visit Jurassic sea which is a world for freaky and wonderful creatures. Enlighten yourself with the facts about evolution and discover the mysterious hagfish, mudskipper, lungfish, and Moray Eel.

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Highlights for Sea Life Sydney

  • Book your Sea Life Sydney tickets to enter underwater life and experience the diverse species of aquatic creatures like sharks, penguins, dugongs, platypuses, and more.
  • Enjoy your day with over 13,000 animals from across 650 species which are distributed over 14 themed zones in the huge aquarium.
  • Watch the large sharks like lemon and nurse grey sharks swimming over your head at the Shark Walk
  • The best part of your tour is the Penguin Expedition, enjoy and have fun with the sub-Antarctic birds that are playful and friendly.
  • Explore the Discovery Rock Pool to the Jurassic Seas at your own pace.

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Know Before You Book Sea Life Sydney

Essential Information
Tips to visit

Location: 1-5 Wheat Rd, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Timings: The Sea Life Sydney operates from Monday to Thursday between 10:00 AM - 16:00 PM and between 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM on weekends (Sunday - Saturday).

How to reach:

By Bus: Stop at the 24th stop of the Sydney sightseeing bus or take any other bus to Market Street/King Street.

By Train: The Sea Life Sydney is a short walk from Town Hall or Wynyard stations. Board to train no. 252 or 261 till the Wynyard station.

By Metro: Stop at the Darling Park station and walk towards the Aquarium which is nearly 350 m from the park.

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  • Visitors should visit the aquarium early in the morning, as the aquarium starts to fill in during the day
  • The aquarium is big enough, so cull out plenty of time to enjoy one of the best attractions in Sydney
  • The Sea Life Sydney is huge in area, so you must carry a map for a safer trip
  • Visitors should also plan well in advance which zones should be explored most followed by others as covering all in a day
  • Always book Sea Life Sydney tickets online well in advance to have a hassle-free experience

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FAQs for Sea Life Sydney

How much time do we need to explore Sea Life Sydney?

You atleast need a minimum of 90 minutes to experience the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, which is one of the large attractions in the city.

What would be the price of Sea Life Sydney Tickets?

The General Admission Fee is $39.20 (Per Adult) and there is also an attraction pass available for 2 the cost is $65 (Per Adult), for 3 the cost is $75 Per Adult, and for 4 the cost is $85 Per Adult.

Are any discounts available on Sea Life Sydney tickets?

Book your Sea Life Sydney tickets well in advance to enjoy great deals and offers. Booking your ticket online in advance also allows you to skip the queues when you arrive at the aquarium.

Why is Sea Life Sydney so famous?

Sea Life Sydney is famous for being home to more than 700 species of aquatic animals, which includes 13000 individual fishes spread across 8 zones.

Is a wheelchair accessible at Sea Life Sydney?

Sea Life Sydney offers wheelchair access throughout the attraction.


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