Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium

Overview of Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium

The Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium is a captivating destination that offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the world of wildlife. With its extensive collection of animals and engaging exhibits, it promises an unforgettable experience for people of all ages. One of the highlights of the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium is its diverse range of animal exhibits. From majestic big cats to playful primates, from fascinating reptiles to beautiful birds, the zoo showcases a wide variety of species from around the globe. Visitors can observe these animals in carefully designed habitats that mimic their natural environments, providing an enriching and educational experience.

In addition to the impressive zoo exhibits, the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium also boasts an exceptional aquarium. Step into a mesmerizing underwater world as you explore the various marine exhibits featuring vibrant fish, graceful rays, and even sharks. The aquarium offers an immersive experience that allows visitors to appreciate the wonders of the ocean and learn about marine conservation.

The zoo also offers a range of educational programs and interactive experiences. Visitors can attend informative talks by zookeepers, participate in animal feedings, or even get up close and personal with certain animals through encounters and behind-the-scenes tours. These opportunities provide valuable insights into animal behavior, conservation efforts, and the importance of protecting our natural world.

With its combination of zoo exhibits, an impressive aquarium, and educational experiences, the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium is an ideal destination for families, animal enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a memorable and enriching day out. Explore the wonders of the animal kingdom and immerse yourself in the beauty and diversity of nature at this exceptional wildlife destination.

Events and Experience at Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium

Wild Wellness Day

The Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium offers an exciting array of events and experiences, including their Wild Wellness Day. This special event focuses on the well-being and conservation of both animals and humans. Visitors can engage in yoga sessions amidst the serene atmosphere of the zoo, participate in wellness workshops, and learn about the connection between nature and personal well-being. It's a unique opportunity to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul while surrounded by the beauty of wildlife. Wild Wellness Day is just one of the many extraordinary events that make the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium a standout destination for both education and relaxation.

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Mother’s Day Celebration

Make this Mother's Day truly special by celebrating at the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium. Treat your mom to a memorable day filled with exciting events and unique experiences. From guided tours that showcase the incredible bond between animal mothers and their young to interactive encounters where you can get up close with some of the zoo's most beloved animals, there's something for everyone. Delight in the beauty of nature, create lasting memories, and show your appreciation for mom in a truly wild and wonderful way at the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium.

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Red, wild & blue Parade

One of the exciting events and experiences at the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium is the Red, Wild & Blue Parade. This lively parade celebrates the spirit of America and showcases the zoo's diverse collection of animals. Visitors can join in the festivities as they watch animals, zookeepers, and performers march together in a colorful procession. From patriotic floats to live music, the Red, Wild & Blue Parade offers a fun-filled experience for the whole family. It's a fantastic way to celebrate the holiday season and create lasting memories at the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium.

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Celebrate World Ocean Day at the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium, where a host of exciting events and experiences await. Dive into a day filled with educational activities, interactive exhibits, and engaging presentations focused on ocean conservation. Learn about the importance of protecting our oceans and the incredible marine life that inhabits them. From hands-on touch pools to behind-the-scenes tours, visitors can immerse themselves in the wonders of the ocean and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges it faces. Join the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium in honoring World Ocean Day and become a champion for ocean conservation.

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Animals at Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium

  • The African elephant holds the distinction of being the largest land-dwelling animal on Earth.
  • African lions are remarkable for their social behavior, as they are the only known cats to live in groups.
  • The Aldabra tortoise ranks as one of the largest tortoises globally, second only to the Galapagos tortoise.
  • North America's largest rodent is the American beaver, renowned for constructing dams, canals, and lodges.
  • Amur tigers, also known as Siberian, Manchurian, Altaic, Korean, North China, or Ussuri tigers, are awe-inspiring creatures.
  • Barn owls, sometimes referred to as "monkey owls," exhibit a distinct white, heart-shaped face and were once abundant in Pennsylvania.
  • Black rhinoceroses inhabit the bush country, grasslands, and woodlands of Africa, making them an iconic species.
  • California sea lions are warm-blooded coastal mammals that effortlessly glide through water with their torpedo-shaped bodies and "winged feet."
  • Cheetahs, often mistaken for leopards, sport spots instead of rosettes and feature unique tear stripes on their faces.
  • Known for their stunning vibrant feathers, flamingos are easily recognizable and display sexual dimorphism, with males being taller and heavier.
  • Grant's zebras, the smallest subspecies of plains zebras, are sometimes referred to as the African equivalent of horses.
  • The Komodo dragon, the largest living species of lizard, is venomous and captures attention with its remarkable size and characteristics.

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Faqs for Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium

What are the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium's hours of operation?

The zoo is open daily from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Is parking available at the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium?

Yes, parking is available on-site for a fee.

Are strollers and wheelchairs available for rent at the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium?

Yes, strollers and wheelchairs are available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis.

Are there any special exhibits or attractions at the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium?

Yes, the zoo features a number of special exhibits and attractions, such as the PPG Aquarium, African Savanna, and Jungle Odyssey.

Does the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium offer educational programs for children?

Yes, it offers a variety of educational programs for children of all ages, including school programs, summer camps, and animal encounters.


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